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    For the friendship

      I admit that for 6 (six) months I have been working on creating my blog. Since September 2010. First time - a failure! Second time - again failed! Third time - something pretty decent, but it doesn't satisfy me! The fourth attempt was successful. But it still does not satisfy me!
      On December 31st, I registered it and sought help and support. By many people. They responded a little.


      They put me in a problematic situation. It is a term and concept that only teachers can recognize because it is used in pedagogical practice. And as a teacher with 35 (thirty-five) years of teaching experience, I know how much effort and knowledge this requires.
      Nobody helped me. I continue to struggle with difficulties.
      I'm waiting for help from friends.
      Our Bulgarian people have said they should rely on friends.
      Do I Have Friends? I expect you to answer me. I don't think I have ....

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