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    Why is Putin in 2020 so different from Putin in 2000?

    More than once or twice, I have come across versions on the Internet that the real Vladimir Putin is long dead and that he is run by a group of employees who sometimes show a double instead. 

    And there really are grounds for such versions. If you look at the pictures, today's Putin bears little resemblance to Putin since the early 2000s. However, he has changed dramatically, as has his position on key issues. Can they really push a double instead of the real Putin? No problem, this is Russia. However, it seems to me that this is not true. 

    First, for so many years, someone would slip, betray. In addition, such information would have the effect of an exploding bomb. 

    Second, changes in appearance can be explained by plastic surgery and age. Every singer can afford plastic surgery, why can't the president do it. Isn't he a man too, and he wants to look good? 

    The change in government policy is also understandable. The longer a person is in power, the more he does not want to leave the warm chair. And all methods are good for that. So there is nothing surprising in this. And the longer he is in power, the more the desire increases, it is predictable. 

    So no, this is not a double, but simply sitting in the chair of Putin, whom the government has changed so much. Please rate my work and vote for my blog on:


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