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    Apostle Thomas

    The Holy Apostle Thomas, also called "infidels," was born in the city of Palead of Galilee. He worked in masonry and was a skilled builder. But when Jesus Christ, while on earth dwelling among men, was going through towns and villages, teaching people and healing all kinds of diseases, Thomas heard his sermon and saw his miracles. And he joined him with all his soul. Enjoying the sweet words of Jesus Christ and the contemplation of His Most Holy Person, Thomas abandoned his craft and went after him. He was honored to be one of the twelve apostles who followed Christ to his saving sufferings.


    After the resurrection of the Lord, St. Thomas showed distrust in the words of the other apostles. He did not want to believe them until he saw Christ himself and touched his wounds. On the eighth day after His Resurrection, the Lord appeared to the Apostle Thomas and showed His wounds.


    After the ascension of Jesus Christ in heaven, the apostles cast lots together to determine where each of them should go to preach the Word of God. Thomas had to go to India to enlighten the nations marred by paganism and to teach the true faith of the various peoples living there - the parties and the Medes, the Persians and the Hircans, the Bactrians and the Brahmins and all the most remote people of India. . Thomas was very sad that he was sent among such wild nations, but the Lord appeared to him in a vision, supporting him so that he could be bold and not afraid, and promised him to be with him.
    October 6 is the patron saint of architects, bricklayers and builders.

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