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    Obradovski monastery St. Great Martyr Mina

    Obradovski monastery
    Obradovski monastery "St. Great Martyr Mina" is located northeast of Sofia Obradovtsi former village , now a quarter of the city. Was built on the south bank of the river Vladayska among flowery meadows . According to a legend told by the locals , the monastery was founded in the late Roman era in these lands. during this time he represented an imposing building with its 40 chapels (some of which were dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul , St. Nicholas, Saints Cosmas and Damian , etc.). many monastic buildings and property . while digging a riverbed Vladayska found foundations of buildings , and later the river has long been worn tiles, stones and bricks. believed to be was a Roman bath near the chapel " St. Nicholas " that used hot mineral spring .
    Place and is now marsh and does not freeze in winter . Nobody knows how long the monastery existed . After it was destroyed only a legend told the story of the monastery " St. Mina" in 1927 . , Around the Cross peasants Obradovtsi , walking their cattle , they saw that the animals started to kick tiles, bricks and other building materials site of the old monastery. later people of the village decided to dig deeper into the remains and found the foundations of the old church .
    They found the church altar and a small well built of stone to it. believed that the well was holy spring of the church . other items found people were a collection plate , currently kept in the religious history museum of the Holy Synod , and the top of the censer . All were convinced that the find is part of the monastery "St. Mina" , which according to legend was located in this part of Sofia Field .

    Obradovski monastery

    Talk of the discovery of the only monastery dedicated to St. Mina in Bulgaria traveled fast and soon the monastery began to flow people from all over the country. The religious holiday of November 24 many people gathered there and gave their support for the restoration of the monastery. The funds collected were immediately used in the construction of wooden altar with icons existed until 1942 . In 1942 . building was built to house pilgrims , which existed until 1969 .
    This building no longer exists , in its place by a spacious two-storey building of 100kv . and a one-story building of 50 sq. m . In 1942 . monastery in the face of the board of management Obradovtsi Church " St. Nicholas" and nun Anisiya the church " St. Petka " in Orlandovtsi undertaken to the building of a new church . After the materials have been donated by local people , construction began on August 19 the same year. Building completed in 1945 . as chief mason was known artist from Varna, Toma Ivanov. The icons on the altar were painted by Prof. Georgi Bogdanov and the altar was carved by two craftsmen from Sofia Mircho Radulov and Costa Dinoev . On 21 October the same year the church was consecrated . All interior items - vessels , chandeliers , icons , carpets and more. were donated by visitors. The temple also has a large icon of Saint Mina, which is believed to be miraculous .


    The icon is at present in the vestibule of the church. In 1956 . began construction of the chapel of St. Kosma and Damian , and in late 1957 . chapel was completed and consecrated. At the altar of the chapel was built in spring .
    At present, the chapel is used for winter church.

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