Day Of Apostle Jacob

Day Of Apostle Jacob 

Dear Friends, July 25 is the day of the apostle Jacobs. This day is holy feast for Christians and pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela. When July 25 falls on a Sunday, we have t. Pomegranate. "Holy Year of Compostela." The last such year was 2010 and the next is in 2021g. In memory of this celebration featured a short excerpt from my book "Camino de Santiago": "After the flesh Cathedral quickly deserted - a good time to examine it. In the southern side ship go to the main altar. I cross the east transept and stand in front of the Chapel of the Virgin of column (Capilla del Pilar). The construction of the chapel began in 1696. under the direction of Domingo de Andrade, and in 1711g. operation is taken over by Fernando de Casas Novoa, who builds the altar. The figure of the Virgin Mary was brought from Zaragoza and stage depicting the appearance of the Virgin Mary app. Jacob is the work of Antonio Garcia de Bousas around 1722. I stand at the door of the chapel, watching the smartly crafted figures of Mary and flat. Jacob and thinking about this difficult time in the life of the apostle.



According to legend, after Pentecost Apostle James went to the Roman province of Spain to preach the Gospel. Unfortunately, the mission of the Iberian peninsula is marked with meager success. Only the lands of present-day Zaragoza he managed to win the new faith eight students. Frustrated and hesitant apostle James sits on the banks of the Rio Ebro decided to terminate its mission and to return to Galilee. That night in a dream he is the Virgin Mary and tells him: "Jacob, do not despair, countless will be those who will follow after your death! I have chosen this place for my chapel. Where is the column on which you see me, lift up his altar. There, my son, at my request, will give grace and will work miracles. Very column to remain in place, where it is now, and stay there until the World Turns "Jacob and his students carry this out with the Mother of God. After the construction, the apostle puts the most personal of his disciples, a priest of the chapel and returned to Jerusalem. "

Author: Rodislav Stefanov

Photos: Rodislav Stefanov


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