"... When Octavian, father of Augustus led his troops somewhere in remote parts of the Holy Mount of Dionysus, he consulted the oracle of God for his son. He was confirmed by the priests that his son would become master of the world, because once the wine is spilled on the altar, the smoke rose up over the top of the sanctuary until the sky - as a sign that he received himself when Alexander the Great sacrificed on the same altar. "

Gaius Suetonius Tranquil

 Perperikon is a big sanctuary, which forms one of the oldest and most historically significant archaeological complexes discovered on Bulgarian land. The amount and type of evidence was found proving that this place is located the famous sanctuary of Dionysus. Perperikon is where it was believed to have been exposed relics of Orpheus or part of them. The entire archaeological complex Perperikon is composed of four main parts of the Stone Age. The first is a massive fortress wall, the second is the Acropolis, built of huge stone blocks, occupying the highest part of the hill. The third unit of Perperikon Palace, which was carved in the rocks, covering an area of ​​10 000 sq. M.Chetvartata part of the complex the northern and southern suburbs, which are a system of small streets in the rocks, buildings and temples. Perperikon is located on a high rocky peak at an altitude of 470 meters in the eastern part of the mountain. Current evidence indicates that Perperikon sanctuary of Dionysus, the Thracian tribe satri whose priestly clan were Bessians. Studies in recent years Perperikon are adamant that it was the sanctuary of one of the most popular ancient heroes - Orpheus, who was born somewhere in the confines of Thrace. According to prof. Ovcharov Perperikon were exposed relics of Orpheus or part of them, because they know that Orpheus was dismembered. Here is becoming unusually high burial in rocks instead of ground. Besides Orpheus Perperikon is ritually buried and Rhesus, who is a hero of the Trojan War.

With discovered evidence Perperikon becomes the first in the world known sanctuary of Orpheus.

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