Great Bulgarian kings - Asparoukh - founder of the Bulgarian State

Great Bulgarian kings - Asparoukh - founder of the Bulgarian State 

Asparoukh is the founder of the Bulgarian state. He was the third son of Khan Kubrat - founder of Old Great Bulgaria . The year of birth is unknown. His name is first mentioned around 660 years regarding the events surrounding the death of his father - Khan Kubrat and the collapse of Old Great Bulgaria . Third son of Kubrat - Asparouh settled in Ongala . Very soon the Bulgarians began to pass the river and try to settle there. These actions of the Bulgarians do not face resistance from the Byzantine side , because while the empire war with the Arabs. In 680 the Byzantine Emperor Constantine IV is preparing a campaign against the Bulgarians in the area Ongala . Romans reach the southern limits of Ongala where Bulgarians have a number of defenses, and subject to the siege.Totem Asparoukh Bulgarians inflict heavy defeat of the Byzantines and turn them into a stampede , and pursue them until the river and the sea, where their ships. After this landslide victory Asparouh passes Bulgarians river and regulates relations with neighboring Slavic tribes. In alliance with the Slavs in 681, the Bulgarians began to attack and conquer castles and lands that were under Byzantine rule. Unable to repel the Bulgarians , Constantine IV made peace with them , agreeing to pay them tribute.  The peace treaty was signed in the summer of 681, the latest in August.

Bulgarian capital Pliska it .


Monument to Asparoukh


Battle of Ongala

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