Keukenhof park in Holland

Keukenhof park in Holland 

"It is time for spring, a time to love ...".

Keukenhof is a park, which changes according to the change in nature. The long winter with lots of snow and cold days are the reason why the flowers bloom in it started later than usual. This is why the park very quickly change their appearance. In early crocuses are. After them, literally in the next few days, begin to bloom early tulips. Keukenhof flower and it belong to each other. They are symbiotic. Each year, approximately 100,000 additional tulips and other bulb flowers are placed in containers and then planted in the gardens of Keukenhof. In this way the park looks very colorful. Visitors from around the world and visit Keukenhof in the Netherlands in the international annual exhibition of flowers around Easter. In fact, have you ever seen blooming at the same time more than seven million tulips, daffodils and hyacinths? So many flowers, so many colors and types. When walking through the park one can see exquisite beauty of nature and surprise are inspiring gardens. When you get home with it will bring a lot of inspiration, great ideas and tips that you can use in your home garden. Learn the latest trends in the work of experts in the Keukenhof with no limits.

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