Samara Flag

Samara Flag 

I promised to tell you about Samara flag.

On the occasion of March 3, the day of the national holiday of Bulgaria Military History Museum in Sofia put the original in the Samara flag exposition hall. For all visitors, decided to visit the museum in celebration will have the unique chance to see it. Because it is stored under special conditions, and in recent years has been removed from the repository twice. The first time was in 2008 during the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The second time was in 2010 the third mart.Tagava it was placed in a glass, transparent cabinet to be seen by all visitors to the exhibition. Experts from the museum explained that the special conditions for the storage of this Bulgarian sanctuary are required. The special cabinet it is kept in a horizontal position and air conditioning system in the repository is set so as to maintain a constant temperature of approximately 20 degrees and the humidity Tseltsiy 50% air. If the humidity is increased opastost the development of microorganisms that will ruin the silk fabric now 137-year-old Bulgarian relic.

Samara flag looks like and what is its history?


It is a tricolor blue, white and cherveno.Ushito is silk with golden crosses on it. On one side is embroidered image of the Virgin Mother of God Iviron and across our parvosvetiteli Saints Cyril and Methodius. Nikolai Simakov artist from St. Petersburg is the author of painting and nuns of the convent Iviron monastery in Samara have worked embroidery. Hence the name - Samara flag. Nuns Monastery in Samara Iviron today embroidered flags. A icon and embroidered flag is preserved as a sacred relic in Iviron manastir.Kam mast is secured to three bands, blue, white and red. Two of them are captioned. Lance flag is silver, but it is a project of the Count of Rochefort. The flag was handed over to the Bulgarian volunteers from the Mayor of the city of Samara Pyotr Vladimirovich Alabin.

Samara flag has six copies. See more about Samara flag.


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