Rose Parade in Pasadena, USA

Rose Parade in Pasadena, USA 

End of December. A New year. Parties in this case are held in many countries around the world. Some of them are conducted lavish parades and festivals, starting a few days before the end of December and ended in the early days of January. This is the parade held in the city of Pasadena, California, USA. This parade is known as the Rose Parade. This parade took place on 1 January 1890 for the first time. The parade starts early in the morning at the top of this parade is Queen rose, followed by roses are princesses. Audience march in long lines dozen mobile platforms on which are huge figures of flowers. Any platform with flowers is truly a work of art, some of which are covered with about two hundred thousand roses. Some of them play high school groups, and others represent the most famous universities. So that spectacular parade route travels, nearly nine kilometers long. Impressive, beautiful, spectacular color - so you can describe this event that collects thousands of spectators. Rose Parade is considered one of the three celebrations held constant, along with the New Year countdown in Times Square and Las Vegas fireworks. Those who are watching this spectacle, even on television, saying that it should not be missed.

May we not get a picture of it.



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