Dimitri day - October 26 - Traditions

Dimitri day - October 26 - Traditions 

St. Dimitar is one of the favorite saints of the Bulgarians. On holiday, which is celebrated on October 26th name day have all bearing his name: Dimitar Dimitrina, Dragan, Dimo, Dimka, Mitko, Mitre and related. Most often depict St. Demetrius on horseback, killing Lee - symbol of the infidel Antichrist

Tradition tells how he and his brother set fire to the Holy Mountain and Mount Athos monasteries, threw them on three years of the seabed and their aunts and Sveta Petka Sunday prayed for the Lord and the Virgin Mary put it. Another Bulgarian folk tradition, presented by St. Demetrius twin brother of St. George. Lifetime brothers parted, going around the world in different ways. George he vowed that if seen from the eaves dripping blood, then it died. After a while Demetrius saw a dripping awning and went to Georgiev side of the world, he found a dragon that was eaten George. Pressing Dimitar dragon and she gave him the soul of George. Then both horseback and flew to heaven. They divide their brotherly year - to St. George summer, while Saint Demetrius - winter.

In folk came to know St. Demetrius on his horse from his beard snow starts to fall - come winter cold. In Saturday before Dimitar Dimitrov Souls do - which is distributed grain and bread to commemorate.

Dimitri From St. George to St. George and St. Demetrius in both seasons grouped Bulgarians. The boundary between the seasons had agricultural character. Around Dimitri completion and construction of new houses. Traditionally, farmers donated builders and bash-master mason told blessing for health and prosperity in the new home. Custom demanded, the owners of the new house to kill a white ram and invite the whole village for the dedication of the house. Therefore, on this day celebrate and builders. On the day of the saint, are settled farmers and employees of St. George's disbanded workers, shepherds and farm workers in places this festival is called Razpust and the most caring laborers, farmers donated new clothes cat, ram or lamb.

Dimitri is full of predictions for the coming winter and year: if the moon is full - will be filled with honey hive and bees flock. The night before the feast, the shepherds threw a stick in the pen. If in the morning the sheep were lying on it was thought that the winter will be long, hard and cold. Characteristically ritual divination and the first foot guest home / polaznik / good and prosperous Is guests, this will be the year.

Typically a name day walk uninvited and carried white flowers Nominalia to be a good winter. The flowers are wrapped with a scarlet thread to be healthy all year nameday.

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