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In memory of George Kaloyanchev - on December 18, 2012, he died We all we mourn!

Today, January 13, 2016, George Kaloyanchev, celebrated 92 years!
With gratitude and respect for man and the artist!
Let us alive and well for years!
Georgi Todorov Kaloyanchev (tin) is a Bulgarian actor, born in Burgas on January 13, 1925
    After his military service record in the former drama school in Sofia. Among his colleagues in the class of Professor Katia has been Surchadzhiev Zehireva, Costa Tsonev and Katya Dineva.
In 1951, Russian director Boris Babochkin (at the time set three plays at the National Theatre) and noticed how the young actor portrays an image in the "Storm" of Ostrovsky with humor and drama. Immediately after completion of the institute, was adopted in Kaloyanchev troupe of the National Theatre .
Film debut in the film Morning over country (1951) - the role of Sally Tsigancheto is the soul of the company. But then for some period of time not getting hardly any roles. At this period Kaloyanchev passes from nation to troupe recently established Satirical Theatre. Follows a series of unforgettable images into memorable films - weightlifter specialist in everything "(1962), in Kondov" wolf ", the inspector in 'Inspector and the Night" magician in "The Longest Night" (1969), Ricks in "TiedBalloon "(1969), Giordano Bruno in the Italian production Galileo" (1969) Aesop in "Aesop" (1971), "Night vigils pop Vecherko" (1981), "Bon Chance, Inspector!" (1984), " Where to go? "(1990) ... total of more than 50 feature films.
In 1990 a writer, director Ivan Nichev shot "Bai Ganyo went to Europe" with George Kaloyanchev the role of the famous Bulgarian. It turned out that this is one of the most popular films in the first half of the 90s.

In 2006, a continuation comes "Bai Ganyo returned from Europe." The script was written specifically for the great actor, but ten years earlier and longer are not money for its implementation. All this requires a new actor for the role of Bay Ganyo. enormous respect for his talent Kaloyanchev Ivan Nichev proved by introducing a new, nonexistent character in the classic work of Aleko Konstantinov - the spirit of Bai Ganyo. In 2006, after many other prizes and awards, Kaloyanchev receives Award of the Union of artists of Lifetime Achievement.
But the greatest reward for it remains the title. Folk artist - in the truest sense of the actor national favorite of nearly half a century.
One of the most famous films, which involved are "Bai Ganyo starts in Europe" (1991), "Unexpected Holiday" (1981) and "Bon Chance, Inspector!" (1983). Behind has over 50 years in the film industry.

In 1952 graduated from acting in DVTU "Theatre."
Author of the autobiography "I'm alive, I'm yours!" (2003).

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