Sofia - National Theatre "Ivan Vazov"

Sofia -  National Theatre "Ivan Vazov" 

Unable to come to Sofia and not visit at least one play in the National Theatre "Ivan Vazov". Just by looking at the unique facade, there is no way you do not want to go inside and watch the talented Bulgarian actors. The truth is that the interior will amaze you at least appearance of the theater. It was built in 1904, when the dramatic troupe "Tears and Laughter" named after Bulgarian National Theatre.Designed by Viennese architects Hermann Helmer and Ferdinand Fellner, who immediately explains lavish Viennese style, which is determined inside and outside buildings. Completed in late 1906 and is open for performances January 3, 1907
 After the unfortunate event in 1923, when the whole building is destroyed, its recovery is made in 1929 by German architect Martin Dyulfer.
During the bombing in 1944 National Theatre again suffered heavy losses and reconstruction following the 1971 to 1975 But besides history in numbers, the theater has a rich cultural history.


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The National Theatre has three rooms. Audience hall on the big stage has 750 seats and it put all the premieres and significant performances. Furthermore, it has a camera room with 120 seats and another scene with 70 seats. The building was built near the former royal palace in the capital, now the National Art Gallery. In 1923, during a performance fire broke out, which causes great damage. The theater was rebuilt in 1929 final project of German architect Martin Dyulfer the Bulgarian civil engineer, graduated in Munich, Cyril Chaparov. During the bombing in the capital (1943-1944) was seriously affected, but was rebuilt by 1945 its last reconstruction was in 1971-1975 when creating a special chamber hall.
In 2007 it was repaired the facade, roof, plastics and other parts of the theater. In painting the facades used paint containing rubber, increasing durability and weather. Gold trim on the facade is covered with new sheets of gold foil.



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