Nevena Kokanova - The First Lady Of Bulgarian Cinema - Art

Nevena Kokanova  - The First Lady Of Bulgarian Cinema - Art 

She was born on December 12 in 1938. Nevena first steps on stage in Yambol theater when she was 18 years. No special theatrical education, but this did not prevent the camera to capture the audience.Over the years, appeared in over 50 films and her first film role was Emma in the movie "Age of Love" director Yanko Yankov, which appeared in 1957 One of the major roles are Irina's screen adaptation of the novel " Tobacco, "filmed in 1962 by director Nicholas Korabov, passionate Lisa in" The Peach Thief "- in 1964, of Joan in the film Vulchanov Rangel" The Inspector and the Night "(1963), by Anna" Carom"(1966), Neda of" Bias "(1967), Gerda in 'Dear almonds" (1967), think of "The boy goes" (1972) and many others.

 Except in movies, Nevena Kokanova appeared in television series. One of the most popular series are "Burn to shine" (1976) directed by Nedelcho Chernev, "Alone among wolves" (1979) directed by Laws Heskey and "Home for Our Children" (1987) directed by Nedelcho Chernev.
In 1980 debuted as a director of the film "Three Deadly Sins." Starring names like Georgi Georgiev - Getz, Grigor Vachkov, Oleg Kovachev and Stoyan Gadev.
The last film that appeared was "Canaries Season" (1993) directed by Yevgeny Mikhailov.


   Over the years received many awards. Prez1976 was honored by the Union of Bulgarian Film Makers of Grand Prix "Golden Camera" for significant contribution to Bulgarian cinema. In 1995, the awards of the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the film received an award for lifetime achievement and outstanding contribution in the Bulgarian film culture. In 1998-1999, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers.
   Nevena Kokanova died on June 3, 2000, 61 years. Even after her death, she remains one of the most famous Bulgarian actresses.


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