"Museum of humorous and satirical art" - Gabrovo

"Museum of humorous and satirical art" -  Gabrovo 

Gabrovo has long been the capital of humor and satire in Bulgaria. "The world lastsbecause it laughs" said the people and this applies with full force and Gabrovo. In the small town is home of humor and satire, which is a huge cultural center and is dedicated to fun and laughter.

The building is located in the central part of Gabrovo, set in an old tannery on April 1, 1972. In 10 halls with an area of 8,000 square meters are exhibited works of artists from 153 countries. The Home  not only meet, but also explore and promote humor and satire in all genres.

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Every odd year the House and the whole city became the center of the International Biennial  -  Humor and Satire in the Arts, which is part of the largest  cultural festivals in Gabrovo in May


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