On December 11 we celebrate the International Day of Tango

On December 11 we celebrate the International Day of Tango 

"Tango is a dance of passion. Dance of sadness. Dance of tender love. Tango is not just a collection of dance pieces - it's a long story, telling about suffering and joy ofmeeting and parting, of passion and tenderness. Tango is a state of the spirit. "

 (Julio Boca - the best dancer of the Tango)

On December 11 we celebrate the International Day of Tango. The reason forchoosing this particular date is the birthday of two of the most famous personalities in the history of this sensual dance - singer and composer Carlos Gardel and the violinist and composer Julio Caro December.

First day of the celebration of tango in Argentina in 1977 a large part most of the countries in which there are many tango fans perceive this celebration of local and soit became international.
No accurate data when and how to tango appears, although the researchs  associatings  ths style with the black population.  The dance is a trademark of Buenos Aires. It is a blend of several styles - choreography came from „milonga”, rhythm - from  „kandombe” and sentimental melodic line and  the emotionalforce - from the Cuban habanera.

The first country except Argentina, where tango is danced was Cuba. At this time in Buenos Aires dance begins to acquire a familiar face us today.
Early tango was danced only by men to the accompaniment of three instruments. A little later, and women are included, which alter the character of the dance - makes itmore lively and sensual.
The first tangos were no words. Musicians usually improvised during prestavleniyata.Then comes love and text that changed forever the feeling of this music.

Over the years, tango music goes from lower class to the style became part of the intangible world heritage. There are different styles of tango, but the pleasure of the dance remains the same.
I suggest tango by Al Pacino movie "Scent of a Woman."


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