December 9 - St. Anne

December 9 - St. Anne 

On this day the Orthodox Christian Church celebrates Saint Ana and righteous. St. Anne is the mother of the Virgin Mary and grandmother of Jesus. Be honored by the Roman Catholic Church. As the mother of St. Mary Anna protecting marriage, family, pregnant women and widows. This festival is also known as Winter St. Anna Annina and conception.

Traditions and customs

People celebrates this day as a celebration of mediums. The night preceding the holiday is a time of spells, omens and spells. In her wizards, witches and mediums most easily contacted by the devil and demons dead. They appear around the fire like flies. Why farmers burn at every door fire fertilizer sprinkle ash and millet around farm buildings. Girls planted wheat in the melting pot and twigs of cherry or apple water and leave them by the fire. If New Year to grow wheat and twigs leave, the girl will get married next year, and that was a good boy.


Beliefs say that night black magic "catch." So strictly adhered to various restrictions: women do not do anything, do not touch the wool is not sick children and cattle, men should not go out of the village because the meadows fairies play and see a man who kidnapped him.


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