St. Nicholas the Wonderworker - Traditions

St. Nicholas the Wonderworker - Traditions 

St. Nicholas the Wonderworker is Mirlikiyski iztochnorimski cleric, Bishop of Myra, a city of Lycia in Lycia. Nicolas Mirlikiyski lifetime is known as an opponent of paganism, and after his death is revered as a saint and protector of sailors and traders Bulgarian name of the saint is Nicholas. "Nicholas" is rusizam, which is imposed after the ecclesiastical reforms of Patriarch Nikon in Russia in 1654 then, the saint's name in Russian is pronounced as "Nicholas" but in Ukrainian - "Mykola".

St. Nicholas was born in the second half of III century. His family was rich and splendid situation. His uncle, Bishop of Patras, adopted his nephew in the church and henceforth he would serve him until the end of his days.
Tradition tells how the saved one poor man with three daughters. When you lost all your money, the man was making at all to even sell their daughters. But the saint did not let that happen. One night an unexpected devastation received a gift - a bag of coins. With her one daughter married a rich husband, she lived well. Then received another gift - a bag of gold and his second daughter. Then - for the third. Finally, and found myself coins. Ran to chase the stranger, who threw his money ran after him breathlessly, in a moment almost caught him, saw in him the messenger of God, realized that only he could be only the world could be an unexpected gift that it saved from sin. Probably since revere St. Nicholas as a protector of property and money.
Once he went to worship the Holy Sepulchre. In the sea furious storm, a sailor fell from the top mast of the ship and everyone thought he was dead. St. Nicholas raised the sailor and the sea calmed with prayer. Since then, even should his fame remained a master of sea storms and protector of sailors.


       St. Nicholas saves three innocents from death, picture of Ilya Repin, 1888, (Russian National Museum)


All his works until the end of his life in 342 had to pacify, to protect, to provide healing. Achieves it with wonderful ease, called it the Miracle Worker. Buried him in the cathedral city of peace among the faithful drifted word for sweet oil, which Dew and his relics from which everyone can receive healing.

During the Middle Ages in 1099 his relics were stolen by Italian sailors from the temple in Mira and carried in the town of Bari, Italy, where it survives to this day.Later the particles of these relics were donated by the Roman Catholic Church at various local Orthodox churches, such a particle is preserved and celebrated in the church "St. Nicholas" in Sofia.
In Bulgaria celebrates Saint Nicholas - December 6 (St. Nicholas Day) and May 9 - (St. Nicholas Summer). In Germany, the Netherlands and is Belgiyapraznikat children. They put their shoes outside, and if they had behaved during the year will find them in chocolate, candy and gifts. But if the children were bad during the year will see your shoes and charcoal sticks.


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