Plovdiv - Cities in Bulgaria

Plovdiv - Cities in Bulgaria 

Plovdiv, Bulgaria`s second largest city. It`s one of the oldest still living European cities - contemporary to Troy (Turkey), older than Rome (Italy) and Athens (Greece). It keeps thousands monuments from prehistoric times - 8 000 years ago, from the time when Alexander the Great called it Philipopolis - in memory of his father Philip - 4 c.B.C., from the days it was capital of the Thracian kingdom - till 45 A.D.




Roman theater, stadium, odeon, mosaics, Renaissance houses and islamic, orthodox, catholic and Jewish temples adorn the city, which is geological, botanical, archaeological, historical and architectural reserve. Many travelers, for example Evliya Cheleby from the 17 c. call it the most beautiful of all Balkan cities...
It is indeed!



The Antique theatre  - Built under the reign of Emperor Trayan, at the beginning of the second century it was discovered during archaeological excavations 1968-1979 by the archaeological museum of Plovdiv. This building situated between the hills of Djambaz and Taksim is one of the best –preserved antique theatres in the world and the only antique theatres in the world and the only antique performance house over Bulgarian lands. There are inscription and exquisite statues discovered and currently included in the building’s architecture. Adapted now to Plovdiv’s present-day cultural life, this same place hosts a wide range of various performances for about 5000 viewers.

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