August 15 - Virgin Mary - Holidays

August 15 - Virgin Mary - Holidays 

August 15 - Today is the Virgin Mary. On this day the Church celebrates the Holy Virgin as patroness of motherhood, women and the family home.

Distributed at pre-lit church, the first fruits of the season - grapes, melons, and ritual breads for health and for "God to forgive the dead." For health slaughtered sacrifices and do duty, usually where the Virgin Mary is patron of the local church. In Christianity the holiday is associated with the death of the mother of God 64 years. age. Mary pray at the Mount of Olives, when the angel Gabriel appeared with palm branch in his hand and announces that after three days the spirit will move to the kingdom of heaven. Before she died, she wishes to see again all the apostles, then the angels come for the soul.

She was buried in a cave near the Garden of Gethsemane, where the third day of his death remained empty since resurrected saint.

August 15 is the feast of Nessebar.

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