Belogradchik - Cities in Bulgaria

Belogradchik - Cities in Bulgaria 

Belogradchik is picturesquely situated in the western part of the mountain. It is famous for its spectacular scenery with rocks. St. Peter, June 29 is his feast - "Petrus" in Greek means "rock." Belogradchik created in Roman times. The Romans built a "Roman Calais." It can still be seen. Located a few hundred meters away from the fortress "Kale" and is almost glued to the Observatory.




 Belogradchik is destroyed and rebuilt many times over the years. Evidence of its existence can be found in the Turkish register from 1454 In 1837 the fortress "Kale" is completed in the form in which it can be seen today. The city's name is derived from "Bell construction", referring to the castle.




After the liberation of Belogradchik became a major tourist center attracting many Bulgarian and foreign tourists as the main attraction for them is Belogradchik rocks.   


Belogradchik rocks     



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