Ancient Theater in Plovdiv

Ancient Theater in Plovdiv 

 Ancient Theater in Plovdiv is the most impressive monument of ancient Plovdiv. It situated in the saddle between Taksim and Dzhambaztepe of Three Hills. After lengthy archaeological excavations it was revealed fully in 1977-1978 year. Built at the beginning of the II c. AD. Chr., The time of Emperor Trajan / 98-117 / theater was one of the most important public buildings of Trimontium, remarkable for its architecture and splendor. It was destroyed in the fifth century, when Hun conqueror Attila attacked Philippopolis. Teatronat or places for the spectators are situated in tiers and are divided into two rings of 14 rows each. The theater has a capacity of 7,000 spectators. The names of urban neighborhoods are cut into the benches of each sector and each spectacular knew his place in the sector. The stage has two levels and reveals the architectural and decorative opulence of the building. It was decorated with friezes, cornices and statues. The high quality materials and the artistic performance prove the huge significance that of the theater. Disclosed is incidental to the fortifications of the southern wall, conducted in 1968-79 years of the Archaeological Museum - Plovdiv. Nearly 10 years away excavation and clearing of the site, which eliminate 15 m thick layer of earth. From the amphitheater theatron survived 20 of all 28 rows. Included within the architectural reserve "Old Town", the theater fits its ensemble as the most emblematic monument of the cultural and historical continuity of Trimontium during the centuries.



Born again, it is a spiritual center of the city, where the contemporary culture meets the everlasting values. This is the only case in which Plovdiv found not only fragments, but was rebuilt around the archaeological site, adapted to modern theater requirements - on October 18, 1981 here for the first time since the restoration (designed by Arch. Vera Kolarova) exported performance before 4,000 spectators. Now Ancient Teatro is active outdoor stage mainly for opera festivals and summer concerts.

     Despite the damage in theatron reserved 14 rows of seats arranged in tiers processed marble. Perhaps in its original form it could seat 5,000 to 7,000 spectators. Ancient stone staircase, which is about 2000 years can still be used.   


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