Karlovo - Cities in Bulgaria

Karlovo - Cities in Bulgaria 

The faster we approached the town of Karlovo, the menacing mountains rose above us. Karlovo is located at the foot of the highest part of the mountain, where the highest peak a little and will exceed 3000 meters above sea level. And now, in June, some of the peaks clearly seen snow. Our town affects primarily the culture of its inhabitants. Everything is clean, all dressed almost like a holiday, very elegant and beautiful. In two days we saw only two men walking through the city center in slacks. From the city center, about 15 minutes up the hill - and we were one of the main attractions of the town of Karlovo, 15-meter high waterfall Suchurum.



It is an old river that starts high in the mountains. The river runs through the city and its water ice. The center is small but pleasant and comfortable. Karlovo is divided into two parts - upper and lower. Now the division is conditional, but in the XIV century, when the area was conquered by the Ottoman Turks, they lived at the top, and Bulgarians - at the bottom. Just outside the "Turkish" and "Bulgarian" portion in 1485 Turkish voennonachalnik Karla Ali Bey Mosque built bullet.



It is an architectural monument of the city. Historians believe that the name comes from the town of Karlovo Karla Ali Bey: Karla'ova - Earth Karla. The peak of the economic and cultural development of the city during the Renaissance. One of the main crafts then, and now is the cultivation of oil rose, the production of world-famous rose oil, which is exported to England, France and Turkey. In Karlovo was born Bulgarian Apostle of Freedom Vasil Levski, organizer of the national revolutionary movement and founder of the network of revolutionary committees for the liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule.



The house in which he lived, now a museum.



With the pleasant experiences we leave the town of Karlovo.



Our road is the town of Kazanlak, which is the capital of the Festival of the Rose.  




Karlovo winter

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