First of June - International Children's Day

First of June - International Children's Day 

Today, almost all countries of the world organize the holiday known as Children's Day or Day of the children. It is a holiday that is associated with the tradition of individual countries is celebrated on different dates in different ways. International Day for the Protection of Children on 1 June in almost all countries of the former socialist camp. Celebration dates back to World Conference on Children's Health, held in 1925 in Geneva (Switzerland). In Bulgaria, this holiday became popular after 1949, when Moscow announced that June 1 is now International Day for the Protection of Children. In a communist holiday is officially called the International Day for the protection of children, though hardly gives political color in celebration. The celebration is preserved after the change of political system in these countries. This day is one of the best preserved holidays for children.

World Children's Day UNESCO and the UN declared in 1954 forWorld Children's Day November 20 date. But this date is not accepted, since many countries in the world have preserved their national traditions in the celebration of this holiday.




       Petya Dubarova

 Sun I bring my eyelashes

and wind - the outstretched hands,

and run barefoot and smiling again

of white pebbles and lit.


Trees kept green hair

and the clouds - swollen sails, white –

 my eyes smiling look,

look at me and the birds stopped flying.


I run like a spring volnokrila,

 faster than radiation, winds,

and pearls of joy in me I hid,

childhood most beautiful flower.

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