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Tale of Baba Marta - Traditions - 01 March 2018

Tale of Baba Marta - Traditions

Martha lived with her brothers away in the mountains. Her brothers wore the same name - long-horned beetle. Only one called small, and the other - a large beetle.     From the highest mountain they saw and heard everything that happens on earth. Does Martha smiled, soothed and maggots, and grass. Expanse warmed with the good smile, shone like a golden sun, the birds were flying merrily.     Once a young agile bride drove his sheep in the mountains, standing still warm sunshine shining, the birds called, and good grass to graze.     - Not displayed bride sheep grazing early! Soon beetle is gone - her word father in law, old.     He is very experienced and wise to learn. As the sun knew the old man when winds will covenant understood...

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Happy Baba Marta! - Traditions - 01 March 2018

Happy Baba Marta! - Traditions

Baba Marta is one of the most revered Bulgarian customs that have survived from antiquity to the present day. On March 1 each give their loved ones a gift called Martenitsa that will give him health and strength throughout the year. The name "March" comes from the Latin "Martius" ie Mars, dedicated to Mars - the god of war, son of Jupiter and Juno. Old Bulgarians called it "birch". At daybreak, before the month begins, waking only girls. They must first meet a wayward old woman and she will be happy and laughing throughout the month, and the weather will be warm and nice. In folk tales with the arrival of spring comes Grandma Martha. March is women's month, the month of conception is the spring and the land that will bear the summer and fertility.  ...

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Temple - Shipka Monument - Temples - 27 February 2018

Temple - Shipka Monument - Temples

    Faced majestically near the town of Shipka in the southern foothills of the Balkan Mountains, it is one of the most holy places dear to the Bulgarian people. True pantheon of immortality, preserved the memory of the sacrifice feat of the Russian soldiers and Bulgarian volunteers who died for the liberation of Bulgaria in the Russo-Turkish War (1877-1878).     Among the circle of prominent Russian individuals sympathetic to the Bulgarian liberation cause and took a direct part in the war, the idea to build a memorial for the dead faith of the Bulgarian king and freedom hero. On April 25, 1880 and released the permission of Emperor Alexander II for the establishment of the "Committee for the construction of an Orthodox church at the foot...

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18 (19) February - the death of Vasil Levski - 19 February 2018

18 (19) February - the death of Vasil Levski

"People ? ? ? ? " Phrase written at the end of the notebook of Levski. Reproach ? Disappointment ? Or expression of positive emotion ? - What did he tell us Levski ? The truth is very often not so extreme, nor so hidden. Levski just ask us , provoke , making us think . Draws our attention to something timeless and important. Freedom and independence. Deacon , thank you for everything you've done for us. And especially that remind us constantly thought. Vasil Ivanov Kunchev - Levski Born July 18, 1837 in Karlovo - died on February 18, 1873 near Sofia. Known as Vasil Levski and the Apostle of Freedom . Ideologist and organizer of the Bulgarian national revolution , founder of the Internal Revolutionary Organization ( IRO ) and the Bulgarian Revolutionary Central Committee (...

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All Souls' Day , the day of commemoration of the souls of the dead - Traditions - 10 February 2018

All Souls' Day , the day of commemoration of the souls of the dead - Traditions

In the church calendar of Bulgaria has three important temples Large, Cherry and Arkhangelsk . They are always on Saturday, and their dates change. The first year was Big Souls , eight weeks before Easter. Cherry Souls before Pentecost and is also linked to the Easter holidays . Michaelmas Souls before Michaelmas . All three major temples are always on Saturday and their dates change. Much Souls is the Saturday before Lent Meat . Every year falls on a different date , but always on a Saturday , 8 weeks before Easter. Cherry Souls on Saturday before Pentecost , and Michaelmas Souls on Saturday before Michaelmas , which is the eighth of November. All Souls honors of the deceased . Rituals that are made these days are inherited from the Thracians, Slavs , although slightly modified . The name...

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