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Dimitri day - October 26 - Traditions - 26 October 2018

Dimitri day - October 26 - Traditions

St. Dimitar is one of the favorite saints of the Bulgarians. On holiday, which is celebrated on October 26th name day have all bearing his name: Dimitar Dimitrina, Dragan, Dimo, Dimka, Mitko, Mitre and related. Most often depict St. Demetrius on horseback, killing Lee - symbol of the infidel Antichrist Tradition tells how he and his brother set fire to the Holy Mountain and Mount Athos monasteries, threw them on three years of the seabed and their aunts and Sveta Petka Sunday prayed for the Lord and the Virgin Mary put it. Another Bulgarian folk tradition, presented by St. Demetrius twin brother of St. George. Lifetime brothers parted, going around the world in different ways. George he vowed that if seen from the eaves dripping blood, then it died. After a while Demetrius saw a dripping...

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St. Ivan Rilski - 19 October 2018

St. Ivan Rilski

 St. Ivan Rilski (about 876-946) was the first Bulgarian hermit and founder of the grandest monastery in the country. He was born in the village hide (near the town of Dupnitsa) and 25-year-old was a shepherd. Then he took monastic vows, but did not stay for long in the monastery, and devoted his life in complete solitude, prayer, fasting and deprivation. Bad people twice drove him away from the places where he had chosen. Finally managed to isolate himself in raw bosom of the Rila Mountain. There he spent 12 years in a cave from which he was turned out robbers. Then the ascetic took shelter in the hollow of a huge oak. Rumor about the righteous soon spread around the neighboring villages and Christians began to seek his help. With God's blessing hermit performed miracles: he exorcised...

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St. Petka's Day - October 14 - Traditions - 14 October 2018

St. Petka's Day - October 14 - Traditions

This day devoted Orthodox Christian Church of the Reverend Petka Paraskeva and Bulgarian St. Petka's Day is one of the biggest national holidays which mark the end of the Bulgarians warm weather and the onset of winter. Winter Petkovden not only feast in honor of St. Petka (Paraskeva) as a protector of children, but also gives rise to honor the patron of families and genera. People celebrates this day as the beginning of winter holidays - to make votive offerings and duties. Women give cakes for animal health. Petka patron marriage and fertility. In folk legends saint mix and spirit - the protector of the house and family (hence appears as a snake - the guardian of the home). On Petkovden knead loaves and the biggest of them is called Petka. The bread and the house should be sprinkled...

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World Teachers’ Day - 05 October 2018

World Teachers’ Day

World Teachers' Day is October 5th each year. It is a day very special and every student and student have to note in his diary. And then you put it on your calendar, PC and iPhone. He celebration of the most important people in the world teachers. No teachers no one will learn anything. Therefore, all students must be prepared as greet their favorite teacher to this day. The celebration of this day of 1994 aims to support people to all teachers around the world. It also aims to encourage everyone to become teachers to the utilization of this wonderful profession. According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), World Teachers' Day emphasizes "vital contribution" that teachers make to education and development of communities and nations....

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International Day of Older Persons - 01 October 2018

International Day of Older Persons

On 14 December 1990 in the UN General Assembly in October to determine the first International Day of Older Persons. This decision was preceded by initiatives such as the International Plan of Action of Vienna for the life of the elderly, which was adopted by the World Assembly in 1982 Ageing and endorsed later that year by the UN General Assembly. In 2002, the Second World Assembly on Ageing adopted the International Plan of Action on Ageing, to respond to all the opportunities and challenges of population aging in the 21st century and to promote the development of a society for all ages. The theme of the celebration in 2014 is to 'society for all'. A realization that demographic issues of sustainable development and population dynamics and their opposition in the 21st century will...

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