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St. Apostles Cyril and Methodius - 11 May 2018

St. Apostles Cyril and Methodius

Slavic apostles - the brothers Cyril and Methodius, were canonized as saints of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. The name of Cyril is called created later script that became the basis of all Slavic languages ​​- "Cyrillic". They were canonized as saints for the translation and promotion of the most necessary for religious worship books of Old Slavonic language and the spread of Christianity among the Slavs. Apostles are considered. Orthodox Christian Church honors them as one of the Seven Saints.       St. Methodius was the elder brother and was born in 810 years, and Sv. Konstantin was born in 827 and until the end of his life took the name Cyril. In 862 or 863 Cyril created the first Bulgarian alphabet - the Glagolitic. Original creative work, the...

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Anniversary Of The Outbreak Of The April Uprising - 20 April 2018

Anniversary Of The Outbreak Of The April Uprising

In November 1875 activists of the Bulgarian Revolutionary Central Committee met in the Romanian city of Giurgiu and decided that the political situation in the country is suitable for general uprising. The uprising was scheduled for April or May 1876. The country is divided into five revolutionary districts with centers in Vratsa, Veliko Tarnovo, Sliven, Plovdiv and Sofia. The rebels were stockpiling arms and ammunition and even worked improvised weapons of cherry wood. In preparation for the uprising, the organizers abandoned the fifth revolutionary district in Sofia due to the poor state of the local revolutionary committees and moved the center of the fourth revolutionary district of Plovdiv Panagurishte. On April 14, 1876 took place the General Assembly of the Fourth Revolutionary Committees...

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Tarnovo Constitution - 16 April 2018

Tarnovo Constitution

Tarnovo Constitution of 1879 was adopted in the city of Tarnovo (now Veliko Tarnovo) on April 16, 1879, by the Constituent Assembly of Bulgaria after the Liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule. Turnovo Constitution was created to ensure equality before the law for all citizens, eliminating the division of society and gives extended suffrage to all male citizens aged 21 years old. It also ensures municipal autonomy, freedom of the press, and privacy and ownership, it made provisions for compulsory, free primary education. In the distribution of the powers of the state constitution establishes lines unicameral National Assembly, making draft laws, approve the state budget and adopt other popular acts. It consists of twice as many MPs to elect a Prince, if there is no heir to the dynasty, and...

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St. Thomas - Holideys - 15 April 2018

St. Thomas - Holideys

St. Thomas Sunday week after Easter is called St. Thomas Sunday. Easter holiday cycle ends with St. Thomas Sunday, which honors the memory of St. Thomas, one of the 12 disciples of Christ, known as the "False" .This name comes from the Gospel writings that say that when word of the Lord is the missing body spread, the only apostle Thomas did not believe and to convince the miracle wanted to touch the wounds of the nails with which Jesus was nailed to the cross. On the eighth day of the resurrection Christ went to the apostle and told him: "Put your finger here and see my hands, put out your hand and put it on my ribs. And be not faithless, but believing. Because he saw me, believe you? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed. "When Thomas himself was convinced...

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Easter! Christ is Risen! - Holidays - 08 April 2018

Easter! Christ is Risen! - Holidays

 Nature, updated and dressed in their new spring clothing, will celebrate with us Christ's resurrection. Our souls are filled with awe and beauty. Abundant life is pressingeverywhere! Worship shines from our mysterious and imperceptible to the human eye phenomenon Son of God. The victory of good over evil, of life over death. In the hearts of Christians raised his voice: Christ is risen! And somewhere on the depth of bathers in the divine love hearts rises pulling at the hearts of believers retaliatory greeting: Risen Indeed!     Today...

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