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December 9 - St. Anne - 09 December 2018

December 9 - St. Anne

On this day the Orthodox Christian Church celebrates Saint Ana and righteous. St. Anne is the mother of the Virgin Mary and grandmother of Jesus. Be honored by the Roman Catholic Church. As the mother of St. Mary Anna protecting marriage, family, pregnant women and widows. This festival is also known as Winter St. Anna Annina and conception. Traditions and customs People celebrates this day as a celebration of mediums. The night preceding the holiday is a time of spells, omens and spells. In her wizards, witches and mediums most easily contacted by the devil and demons dead. They appear around the fire like flies. Why farmers burn at every door fire fertilizer sprinkle ash and millet around farm buildings. Girls planted wheat in the melting pot and twigs of cherry or apple water and...

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Happy Day of Bulgarian students! - 08 December 2018

Happy Day of Bulgarian students!

On December 8, celebrate all Bulgarian students. This day is a holiday as far back as 1903, as is the feast of the only university at the time of the Principality of Bulgaria. A decision to this day has taken its Academic Council in 1902. The celebration of this day as a holiday, however, was canceled after 1944. and was moved to November 17. Then another student notes celebration - the international student solidarity. In 1962, the feast of the university - December 8 was restored, and at its meeting of 28 October 1994 the Council of Rectors again made the decision on December 8 any day, free of classes in which to celebrate all Bulgarian students. For several decades Eighth December is celebrated as a holiday by many generations of Bulgarian students. So is ancient times. It is believed that...

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Saint Varvara - 04 December 2018

Saint Varvara

Church commemorates the holy martyr Varvara. Saint lived during the reign of Emperor Maximian, in the city Iliopol. Because of their faith in God, she suffered martyrdom for Christ by the hand of his own father. Varvaritsa, Varvarinden, Varvardan in folk and sister Barbara and Sheba celebrated the next day, are two sisters of St. Nicholas. Sava of them is better, always goes after Barbara and tells her not to run from his sleeve icy grains in the field. Two sisters prepare the feast of St. Nicholas, so I said: "Varvara boils, Sava bake (interfere), Nicholas Guest treats." Widespread belief that Saint Barbara is the patron of children's diseases (and pattern). Its perception is as ugly, lame and disheveled old grandmother who leans on a crutch. With it she strikes children and...

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Andreev Days - Holidays - 30 November 2018

Andreev Days - Holidays

The Orthodox Church honors today the memory of St. Andrew the Apostle, who first of the apostles was called to follow Jesus Christ. St. Andrew is a Christian preacher, the first of the 12 Apostles and brother of St. Petar.Imeto St. Andrew commonly found in the Gospel. He is mentioned in the story of the feeding of the people with five loaves. From the early years Andrei yearned for divine truth and when John the Baptist came from Judea, he became one of his students. Preached in Asia Minor, Georgia and Scythia, for which he was patron of Romania and Russia.         Celebration is called by the people Andrew, Edirne, large or Mechkin day. It is connected to the folk calendar with ideas for the transition from autumn to winter. It is believed that St. Andrew is the patron...

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Donyo Donev - classic animation - Personality - 28 November 2018

Donyo Donev - classic animation - Personality

On 06.27.1929 year in Berkovitsa born Donyo Donev. Graduated graphics at the Art Academy in 1954, and in 1959 specializes in Soyuzmultfilm in Moscow. His first cartoon by artist "Hulled and Grushko" (1957). Donyo Donev is the "father" of the iconic "Three Stooges", which appeared in 1970, and passed over the years in numerous roles. Donev is the author of more than 100 cartoons. Many people define the personality of Donyo Donev as extremely controversial. Indifferent to it would - or strongly liked him or hated him highly. In 2001 he tried to enter politics, but stay out of it because it became clear that he was an agent of the former State Security. This story insults Donev and he decided to deal only with what may - be attributed to his work as a cartoonist and...

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