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Stefanov days - Holidays - 27 December 2018

Stefanov days - Holidays

On December 27, honoring the memory of St. Stephen - one of the seven disciples of Jesus Christ, first archdeacon and first martyr of the Christian faith. This is the third day of Christmas, which celebrate all named Stephen, Stephen, Sarah, Stoyan, Stands, Stanka, Stoicho,Stand, Stoichko, Tsonyo, Zapryan, Tsonka. Statistics show that Stephen was among the most popular names in Bulgaria. In translation it means "crown", so to celebrate this day and Ventsislav Ventsislava. Tradition maintains that this holiday "closed circle" of the old year. The family gathers around a common table with meat dishes. Traditionally, the table must include pork with sauerkraut and meat pie. Stefan is one of the seven disciples of Jesus, chosen immediately after his resurrection, to take...

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Christmas - Holidays - 25 December 2018

Christmas - Holidays

Christmas is one of the biggest holidays for people belonging to the Christian faith.At Christmas, family and friends gather to eat delicious and distribute gifts tochildren. But e wrong to think that just celebrated among Christians. The world is a globalwhole, and Christmas is celebrated in many countries around the world with Christmas feasts, gifts, prayers and wishes. It is believed that if you like the Christmas thing, it will come true. Belief is that Christmas miracles. Christmas is celebrated in different parts of the world and the way of celebration, the dates and traditions vary, but the spirit remains the same everywhere. While most of us celebrate Christmas for a week, for some it is a festival and celebrate the whole month.     The most popular...

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The story of the most popular Christmas song - 25 December 2018

The story of the most popular Christmas song

In 1831 in Germany "Silent night, holy night ..." appeared simultaneously in two song collections in Berlin and Dresden. Both place the name of the author writes: "The authors of the text and music are unknown." Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm IV you first heard in the winter of 1853. He so liked the Christmas song that called courtiers concertmaster and commanded him: "I find the author of the song!" The order of the king, however, still remained pending for a year and only one fluke enigma found its solution in December 1854.     Director of the Austrian people Salzburg, former concertmaster of the best known of the Prussian court, scolded one of the boys Felix Gruber, who he constantly sang wrong already popular Christmas song. On his remark...

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Christmas Eve - Little Christmas - Holidays - 24 December 2018

Christmas Eve - Little Christmas - Holidays

Little Christmas or Christmas Eve is one of the holy family holidays. The whole day passes in preparation for the evening meal, which is necessarily lean and meals must be 7 or 9 in number (as there are days in the week and months of pregnancy).Evening around the table to break bread, the first piece is about Mary, the second house is the third - a grandmother, and so to the smallest member of the family. Boiled wheat with raisins and walnuts are best wishes for happy and rich life in the New Year. Mature beans is put to a household sieve. Stuffed leaves and stuffed peppers are a wish for good harvest of vegetables. Dried fruits in honor of  fruit  trees. Pot in which boiling dried fruits, is encircling a red thread and health against the evil eye. Christmas Eve is not without walnuts....

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Christmas celebration-Traditions - 24 December 2018

Christmas celebration-Traditions

The most impressive ritual actions, which began with Christmas, a ritual "at Christmas." It constitutes, in itself, a theater performance, accompanied by the singing of songs - wishes to the people to do that. Carollers usually in the Christmas eve night before Christmas. During the Christmas carol singers in costumes, which called for festivities involving boys and girls .. On Christmas Eve near every home ignite fires of straw to warm the parents are. On Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve, the table is put vegetable dishes. After the dinner table is not clear away because it is believed that the deceased relatives will come to eat, and it will ensure prosperity of the family next year.     Calm, quiet and prosper Christmas Eve!   !

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