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December 21 - St. Juliania - 21 December 2018

December 21 - St. Juliania

She lived in the third century in Asia Minor province of Bithynia. From the little Julian was engaged to a pagan by a noble family. When I grew older, however, she recognized the faith of Christ and decided not to connect their lives with an idolater. He realized that her father was her very much and took her at her fiance, who at that time was governor of the province. The manager promised to never makes her renounce Christ, but he himself was afraid to accept it, he does not lose his office. Then Juliania replied: "If you're afraid of your death and a temporary king, then how can I not afraid of my immortal King who rules over all people and above kings, and how can I contact through marriage with his enemy. Turn to my God, if you do not deal with me as you want. No torture will...

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Ignazhden - Holidays - 20 December 2018

Ignazhden - Holidays

December 20 the Orthodox Church celebrates St. Ignatius of Antioch Bishop, who was sentenced to death, thrown to the lions because of their Christian faith Ignatius was the disciple of St. John the Divine. He later became a bishop. Antiochwas his name because he often said - "God is in himself, in his soul." Because of their strong faith and godly living in the Christian law osuzhdenpo the Roman Emperor Trajan. He died a martyr, torn by lions. According to popular belief, this day is the beginning of the year, so in some parts of Bulgaria called New Day. Other names of the holiday were Ignat and Young year. From this point begins the Christmas and New Year holidays. From time immemorial the Bulgarians this time of year is associated with important practices carried out...

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In memory of Velko Kanev - Events - 14 December 2018

In memory of Velko Kanev - Events

One of the biggest Bulgarian actors, great  Velko Kanev, died on 11.12.2011 year -only 63. Over the past four years he suffered from serious illness and several timeswent  through severe treatment in Germany. But still out on stage and enjoyed his many admirers. Veljko Kanev  was born in  Elhovo in 1948 graduated from the Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts in 1973 he was popular in Bulgaria with their roles in the films "Orchestra without a name", "Matriarchy", "Manly Times", "Bon chance inspector", "Loving stubborn "...

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Saint Spyridon - 12 December 2018

Saint Spyridon

Saint Spyridon (Salaminski) miracle worker, was born at the end of the III century on the island of Cyprus. In his childhood, Saint Spyridon pastured sheep and led a life pure and pious. Emulate the righteous David - his gentleness, Jacob heart with your kindness to Abraham for his love of wandering. In adulthood, Saint Spyridon became the father of a family. His extraordinary friendliness and sincere sympathy attracted many people: the homeless found shelter in his house, strangers - food and rest. For constant reference to God and his good deeds, God gave the saint blessed gifts of insight, healing the sick and expelling evil spirits. After his wife's death, during the reign of Constantine the Great (324-337) and his son Constantius (337-361), Saint Spyridon was elected bishop of...

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Pleven Epic - Facts - 10 December 2018

Pleven Epic - Facts

December 10th - On this day in 1877 Pleven fell after a five-month siege. Osman Pasha passed the town and garrison of the Russian troops. The capture of the town of Pleven is a milestone in the Russo-Turkish War, for releasing significant Russian forces after the Battle of Sheinovo in early 1878 opened the way to the Ottoman capital Istanbul. Prehistory In late June 1877 the Russian army crossed the Danube near Svishtov. Russians take Nikopol, Osman Pasha and led his troops to Pleven. Shortly after, there began to arrive first Russian troops. Siege and Battle of Pleven run in three assaults, the first two attacks were unsuccessful. Third attack After the failure of two attacks on Russian troops Osman Pasha was unable to take advantage of their superiority and repel besieging...

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