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Fourth of July Independence Day - 04 July 2018

Fourth of July Independence Day

Fourth of July Independence Day. Signed the Declaration of Independence, was born Tom Cruise. But what shows dry statistics - that July 4 is a truly American day. On this date in 1776 in Philadelphia congress featuring thirteen colonies signed the American Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson. Since then the day is celebrated as Independence Day SASht.Ne so bright moment on that date had John Adams, the second president of the United States. He was born on October 30, 1735 in Beyntri, Massachusetts. He graduated from Harvard in 1755 after three years working as a lawyer in his hometown. In 1776, he was president of the Continental Council and a member of the Committee on the Declaration of Independence. In 1780 in France and the Netherlands, where agreed a loan of $ 1.4...

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"July Morning" - 01 July 2018

"July Morning"

The year is 1980, the site - south beach in Varna, the participants - four or five people and the idea was late Violin Stankovic. In the fall of most of us were about to enter the army, and this was our last carefree summer. We estestvenno use it at full speed with little sleep and lots of shenanigans. It all happened by chance and without any preparation, just Willy said: Hey do you want to spend a night on the beach and watch the sunrise in the morning? FOR Estestvenno were all so it all began. Then we said we would do well to gather each summer to this day. From 1980 to 1983 we had no opportunity to not only collect but also to see because we sent troops to different parts of the country to guard against "bad imperialists who only waited a convenient time for us to conquer and enslave...

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Midsummer - 24 June 2018


Midsummer is an old Slavic holiday that is celebrated on 24 June each year. On the same day Eastern Orthodox Christian Church celebrates the day of John the Baptist and commonly rituals and traditions of the two holidays overlap. In different areas the name is pronounced differently - in the name of Sofia District holiday is Yanevden in Struga - Ivanden in Ohrid-Ivandan in Veliko Tarnovo - Ivan bilyober or Dragiyka. The celebration coincides with the summer solstice, so many beliefs and customs associated with the path of heavenly light, and his cult. On this day his name day celebrating all named Enyo, Encho, John, John Yanni, Yana, Ioannina, Y., Yanita, Yanko, Yancho. It is assumed that the root of the festival lies in the Slavic tradition. In Russia, the holiday is called Ivan Kupala...

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Paisii Hilendarski - Personaliry - 19 June 2018

Paisii Hilendarski - Personaliry

Saint Paisii Hilendarski (1722-1773), most commonly called and known as Father Paisii. He e Bulgarian clergymen and national  leaders. Author of "Slav-Bulgarian History". Juicy is the founder of the Bulgarian Revival, because that his work has ideas for the Liberation of the Bulgarian people and our national revival. His only certain work is "Slav-Bulgarian History". Only entries Hilendar codices and some of his letters, containing biographical notes, can take information about the life of Paisii. He was born in Bansko in 1722, his father was a trader Michael Hadzhivalchev. In his own words not taught any social sciences. Goes to Hilandar monastery in 1745, where monk and proigumen. For two years he needs to gather materials. He...

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Peter the Great - 09 June 2018

Peter the Great

Today, June 9, we Bulgaria related to the coup in 1923. Some of us know about it more, others less, others - almost nothing, but we can all read history books. On June 9 notes another anniversary - the birth of Peter the Great - Great, king and emperor of Russia, founder of St. Petersburg. Once, more than 20 years, I and my peers could easily (in financial terms) to go to the former Soviet Union, to discuss the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow to enjoy the "Swan Lake" at the Bolshoi Theater, to walk on Arbat. In Leningrad - look at the Hermitage, the Winter Palace and Neva bridges. Today, our children cannot do it. So I suggest to those who are forgotten by me and others who cannot do, a little story and a virtual tour. I hope to be interesting ... Peter the Great Peter the Great...

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