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Happy Baba Marta! - Traditions - 01 March 2019

Happy Baba Marta! - Traditions

Baba Marta is one of the most revered Bulgarian customs that have survived from antiquity to the present day. On March 1 each give their loved ones a gift called Martenitsa that will give him health and strength throughout the year. The name "March" comes from the Latin "Martius" ie Mars, dedicated to Mars - the god of war, son of Jupiter and Juno. Old Bulgarians called it "birch". At daybreak, before the month begins, waking only girls. They must first meet a wayward old woman and she will be happy and laughing throughout the month, and the weather will be warm and nice. In folk tales with the arrival of spring comes Grandma Martha. March is women's month, the month of conception is the spring and the land that will bear the summer and fertility.  ...

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On Mutafov - Happy Holidays!- Art - 02 February 2019

On Mutafov - Happy Holidays!- Art

Stoyana Konstantinov Mutafov probably funny Bulgarian actress. Her real name Stoyana - Mary, but it is written Stoyanka, decided to keep the artistic nickname. At the time, she believes that "k" name brings good luck. She was born February 2, 1922 in Sofia. He graduated classical philology at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski and the National Theatre School in Sofia. From 1946 to 1949, working in the theater in Prague, and from 1949 to 1956 at the National Theatre. This is one of the founders of the State satirical theater "Aleko Konstantinov", where she worked from 1956 to 1991, and although retired, continues to go on the stage today. Mutafov participated in many Bulgarian films as "specialist in everything," "Favorite 13", "Heat", "The...

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January 21 - International Day hug - 21 January 2019

January 21 - International Day hug

 "It irritates me and hug me!"  (Sticker on the bumper of a car)  Today, January 21, celebrate:  International Day hug!  Hug the person next to you, even you may not be very close. Embrace is a symbol of warmth and friendship, trust and love bestows. I heard a Chinese wisdom: "We humans are born as angels with one wing. To fly, you should embrace ..." Embrace not only today but every day! Embrace! We need four hugs a day to survive. We need eight hugs to maintain good form.We need twelve hugs a day to grow ... Embrace is healthy. Hugs help the immune system, making them more robust dapresiyata heal, reduce stress, help you sleep more easily excited, rejuvenate, have unpleasant side effects. In a word, hugs are magical medicine. Embrace...

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St. Anthony the Great - Holidays - 17 January 2019

St. Anthony the Great - Holidays

On January 17 the Orthodox Church honors St. Anthony the Great, and the holiday is called Antonovden. Anthony - this is an old Roman name, which means "precious, priceless, priceless." But what we know about St. Anthony the Great? Antony the Great was born in Egypt in 251 years of rich and noble parents, who educated him in the Christian faith. At age 18 he lost his parents and left alone with his sister, which was looked after. Solitude of St. Anthony did not happen suddenly. At first he remained close to the city in a devout old man who lived in seclusion. But he soon decided to go further. Asked this old man with him when he and he refuses, said goodbye to him and settled in a remote cave. One of his friends was carrying food. Later, St. Anthony withdrew from settlements, crossed...

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St. Nina - 14 January 2019

St. Nina

She was born, according to the Orthodox hagiographic literature about 280 - year in colostrum, Cappadocia. Her father, Zebulun was a relative of the Great Martyr George, and her mother Susanna was the sister of the Patriarch of Jerusalem. According to legend, went to Iberia (the territory of modern Georgia) to find Lord coats. Her teacher told her Nianfora tions for how coats Lord was moved from Jerusalem in Mtskheta. But the main goal, which has been commissioned by the Virgin Mary herself is to enlighten Iberia. Nina wanted to go to the country where it coats the Lord to find the grave of Sidonia, which was buried coats Lord, to bow before the coats and then devote himself to preaching the gospel to the inhabitants of Iberia. God appeared to St. Nina in her visions, blessed her and the Virgin...

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