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A story about the true face of Todor Zhivkov - 09 September 2018

A story about the true face of Todor Zhivkov

A film Radostina Konstantinova for true face of Todor Zhivkov. This film attracted nearly 1.4 million viewers. What diplomat was Todor Zhivkov and thought it was for his people? This film tells a very detailed furtive attempts at diplomacy Bulgarian communist dictator. This story is a story about a friendship, the friendship between two of Europe's conservatives. Tells all attempts to find a way to each other during the Cold War when the two opposing political polyusa.Parviyat conservative is left-wing communist dictator and the second leader of the conservative right wing of the West Germany. The story is an attempt to narrative, involving their closest associates thereof. The first is Rotenpiler, assistant to the prime minister. He attended the secret talks in his residence Voden. Interviewed...

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Unification of Bulgaria - September 6 - 06 September 2018

Unification of Bulgaria - September 6

September 6 is a public holiday, often Unification of the Principality of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia. After the Berlin Congress of 1878, Bulgaria is divided into the Principality of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia (within the Ottoman Empire). Remained under Ottoman rule, the Bulgarian population seeks union with liberated Bulgaria. Thus, in 1880 created the Bulgarian Secret Central Revolutionary Committee (BTRTSK), whose main task is to implement the unification of Eastern Rumelia with the Principality. To coordinate work with local people to establish and committees - "Unification". In February 1885 the head of BTRTSK stands Zahari Stoyanov, who supports the idea of ​​unity to be under the scepter of the Prince Alexander Battenberg. The role of the Bulgarian prince at this point is...

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Diana, Lady Di Or Princess Of Wales - 31 August 2018

Diana, Lady Di Or Princess Of Wales

Днес 31 август 2011, се навършват 14 години от трагичната смърт на Даяна Спенсър, известна още като лейди Ди или принцесата на Уелс. ДА СИ СПОМНИМ ЗА НЕЯ – ДАЯНА         В продължение на петнадесет години Лейди Даяна бе съпруга на Чарлз, принцът на Уелс. Двамата имат две деца – Уилям и Хари. През годините, като принцеса на Уелс, Даяна се превърна в най-любимия член на кралското семейство, наричана Кралицата на сърцата. Този прякор ѝ бе даден заради способността й да се сближава с обикновените хора, смиреността ѝ и брилянтната ѝ усмивка. Всички тези качества многократно са карали хилядите ѝ почитатели да изпадат в екстаз само при вида ѝ.     PRINCESA DI            Според...

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Anniversary Of The Death Of Tsar Boris III - Personality - 28 August 2018

Anniversary Of The Death Of Tsar Boris III - Personality

 On August 28, 1943 died King Boris III (Catholic name: Louis Robert Pierre BorisStanislav) - Bulgarian king from 1918 until 1943 He was born on January 30, 1894Son of King Ferdinand I and Princess Marie Luisa of Bourbon-Parma, brother of Cyrilof Preslav. At birth, he was awarded the Order of "St. Alexander" I degree, and I andIV degree of military medal "For courage". In 1896 is renamed in Eastern faith - hisgodfather was the Russian Emperor Nicholas II. Graduate School in Sofia in 1912,visited St. Petersburg and Kiev (1911), where he was awarded the highest Russianorder "St. Andrew Parvozvaniy" with diamonds.              In 1911-1912, the travel for scientific purposes in the interior...

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Battles of Shipka - 21 August 2018

Battles of Shipka

21 to 23 August 1877 years - three-day battles of Shipka! The highest points of the Shipka Pass - Mount Saint Nicholas (now Stoletov) vertices and Brian Eagle Nest. Fighting strength between 40,000 army of Suleiman Pasha and General Stoletov squad, which has 6,000 Russian soldiers and Bulgarian volunteers. The story of the Shipka battles is the history of Bulgarian spirit. Much can be said and read about the strategy of military fights and the positions and relationships of power, plans and decisions palkovodstvoto. The heroism of the Bulgarian volunteers is the beginning of the creation of the glorious Bulgarian army, which in many subsequent battles managed to secure the unification of Bulgaria, to assert its independence and now its accession as a worthy member of the family of European...

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