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Hristo Botev and grains - Tradition - 02 June 2019

Hristo Botev and grains - Tradition

When I went through his detachment told me a strange legenda. Chuh it from an elderly peasant, scorched by the sun and wrinkled by years party, large eyes and strong hands. In the pocket of his jacket Hristo Botev worn not only notebook with latest notes and plan battles, but a handful of grains. He knew he that shall come to pass his prayer to fall defeated in battle. He knew he clairvoyant that will be revered his memory of this nation of ploughmen, and said: "Where fall - there will sow the seed. Stone to happen - I will grow. Without water it is - my blood soaked them. And they will grow. They will know where I died. " So people learned where he had fallen hero. This tale of Hristo Botev is the fruit of love and gratitude of the Bulgarian people to the heroes.

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First of June - International Children's Day - 01 June 2019

First of June - International Children's Day

Today, almost all countries of the world organize the holiday known as Children's Day or Day of the children. It is a holiday that is associated with the tradition of individual countries is celebrated on different dates in different ways. International Day for the Protection of Children on 1 June in almost all countries of the former socialist camp. Celebration dates back to World Conference on Children's Health, held in 1925 in Geneva (Switzerland). In Bulgaria, this holiday became popular after 1949, when Moscow announced that June 1 is now International Day for the Protection of Children. In a communist holiday is officially called the International Day for the protection of children, though hardly gives political color in celebration. The celebration is preserved after the change...

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Easter! Christ is Risen! - Holidays - 28 April 2019

Easter! Christ is Risen! - Holidays

 Nature, updated and dressed in their new spring clothing, will celebrate with us Christ's resurrection. Our souls are filled with awe and beauty. Abundant life is pressingeverywhere! Worship shines from our mysterious and imperceptible to the human eye phenomenon Son of God. The victory of good over evil, of life over death. In the hearts of Christians raised his voice: Christ is risen! And somewhere on the depth of bathers in the divine love hearts rises pulling at the hearts of believers retaliatory greeting: Risen Indeed!     Today...

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Maundy-Week - Traditions - 27 April 2019

Maundy-Week - Traditions

Maundy-Week This is called the days of Christ's suffering the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem to his death. Therefore, each day from Monday to Saturday is called Great. • Easter Monday - Jesus entered Jerusalem temple and it is filled with traders. Son of God cast out the traders, because the temple is home to pray, not auction. In the Gospel speaks of the preaching of Jesus in the temple and say it curse the barren fig tree - a symbol of the human soul, which knows no prayer, repentance, and do not bear spiritual fruit. • Great Tuesday - Christ preached in the church and give his last moral precepts;...

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Lazarus (Lazaritsa) and Palm (Palm Sunday) - Traditions - 21 April 2019

Lazarus (Lazaritsa) and Palm (Palm Sunday) - Traditions

In the calendar of the Christian Church Lazarus is associated with the resurrection of Lazarus, who lived in the town of Bethany, near Jerusalem. According to the gospel, when the Savior was in the land beyond the Jordan, Lazarus fell ill and died. When the Messiah returns, resurrects buried the fourth day of his funeral as a sign of gratitude for its hospitality. According to medieval manuscripts Lazarus lived another 30 years in a strict fast and abstinence and was named the first bishop of Kition city on the island of Cyprus. On Lazarus church celebrated with a festive liturgy resurrection of Lazarus, and the memory of the martyr St. Lazar Bulgarian, tortured and killed on April 23, 1802.According to Bulgarian folk tradition Lazarus or "Lazaritsa" is the day...

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