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Annunciation - 25 March 2018


Annunciation Annunciation. March 25. Good News. The Bible says that the Virgin Mary received the "good news." So you become a mother. Will be born the Son of God - Jesus Christ. Our people have beliefs. At the Annunciation should not leave the house without breakfast good to remember that you must have money in your pocket because it is more likely to hear a cuckoo hook, but to be well with you throughout the year, you must be a "full stomach and a pocket full." Our elderly grandmothers believed that the Annunciation should not be running anything at home - not to wash, clean, not to meddle even bread. Annunciation of the sow vegetables, fruit trees are transplanted to be fertile, and their fruits are very sweet as the people telling us - "good." Annunciation of...

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Most Bulgarian Day - Day of Liberation of Bulgaria - Third of March - Holidays - 03 March 2018

Most Bulgarian Day - Day of Liberation of Bulgaria - Third of March - Holidays

    For the first time, celebrated on February 19, 1880 (March 3, new style) as "Day of the Emperor Alexander II and the conclusion of the treaty of San Stefano." San Stefano peace treaty was signed on February 19, 1878 by the Ottoman Empire and Russia in the town of San Stefano. With him on the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-1878 ending. The contract is preliminary and subject to the approval of the other Great Powers. According to the treaty of San Stefano, Bulgaria was liberated principality, which is autonomous vassal and pay tribute to the National Government and its army. The area of the Principality of Bulgaria is about 170 000 square kilometers In the new territory of the Principality of Bulgaria entering North Bulgaria, Dobrudja North goes to Romania, Macedonia,...

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National Museum of Military History - 03 March 2018

National Museum of Military History

National Museum of Military History there nearly a century. Created in 1916 After 40 years of its affiliates became Naval Museum in Varna Park Museum of combat friendship "Varnenchik" and the Museum of Aviation near Plovdiv. In the Military Museum are kept nearly 1 million artifacts that are evidence not only of Bulgarian and European military history. The Museum is Bulgaria's only offering the public three exposures: foreign - of arms, and permanent collections. In foreign exposure are at more than 230 pieces of artillery weapons, aviation and shipping equipment. It can be seen preserved Scud missiles, Frog and SS-23. The permanent exhibition is one that tells the story of the Bulgarian army, its defeat, glory and heroism. Track events and facts...

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Samara Flag - 03 March 2018

Samara Flag

I promised to tell you about Samara flag. On the occasion of March 3, the day of the national holiday of Bulgaria Military History Museum in Sofia put the original in the Samara flag exposition hall. For all visitors, decided to visit the museum in celebration will have the unique chance to see it. Because it is stored under special conditions, and in recent years has been removed from the repository twice. The first time was in 2008 during the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The second time was in 2010 the third mart.Tagava it was placed in a glass, transparent cabinet to be seen by all visitors to the exhibition. Experts from the museum explained that the special conditions for the storage of this Bulgarian sanctuary are required. The special cabinet it is kept in a horizontal...

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Tale of Baba Marta - Traditions - 01 March 2018

Tale of Baba Marta - Traditions

Martha lived with her brothers away in the mountains. Her brothers wore the same name - long-horned beetle. Only one called small, and the other - a large beetle.     From the highest mountain they saw and heard everything that happens on earth. Does Martha smiled, soothed and maggots, and grass. Expanse warmed with the good smile, shone like a golden sun, the birds were flying merrily.     Once a young agile bride drove his sheep in the mountains, standing still warm sunshine shining, the birds called, and good grass to graze.     - Not displayed bride sheep grazing early! Soon beetle is gone - her word father in law, old.     He is very experienced and wise to learn. As the sun knew the old man when winds will covenant understood...

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