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Bastille Day - 14 July 2019

Bastille Day

France is a country with a turbulent and dramatic story. With many and lengthy wars. Especially memorable and exciting history of the French Revolution. The revolution began with the national cry for equality, freedom and brotherhood and it imported large-scale reforms in France. Storming of the Bastille (a symbol of oppression and atrocities of rulers) in 1789, it is considered the beginning of the revolution in France - a real revolution for independence. July 14, Bastille Day. Celebrated throughout France. During the day in Paris organized a military parade, between the Arc de Triomphe and Place de la Concorde, passing through the Champs-Elysees.     Military ceremonies take place in many cities in the country. At night, fireworks illuminated the sky in most...

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Midsummer - 24 June 2019


Midsummer is an old Slavic holiday that is celebrated on 24 June each year. On the same day Eastern Orthodox Christian Church celebrates the day of John the Baptist and commonly rituals and traditions of the two holidays overlap. In different areas the name is pronounced differently - in the name of Sofia District holiday is Yanevden in Struga - Ivanden in Ohrid-Ivandan in Veliko Tarnovo - Ivan bilyober or Dragiyka. The celebration coincides with the summer solstice, so many beliefs and customs associated with the path of heavenly light, and his cult. On this day his name day celebrating all named Enyo, Encho, John, John Yanni, Yana, Ioannina, Y., Yanita, Yanko, Yancho. It is assumed that the root of the festival lies in the Slavic tradition. In Russia, the holiday is called Ivan Kupala...

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June 2 - Day of Hristo Botev and died for freedom and independence of Bulgaria - 02 June 2019

June 2 - Day of Hristo Botev and died for freedom and independence of Bulgaria

June 2nd is the day that we honor Hristo Botev and all dead, known and unknown warriors for independence and freedom of our Bulgaria.Bow before you, son and great Bulgarian hero! You stay in our hearts, because true heroes never die! We remember your cause and we are ready to take your way because you're a shining example in our history, we follow and whose name will defend!Hristo Botev was born on January 6, celebrated in Europe in 1848 In May 1876 Botev began organizing a band and became its leader. From Giurgiu boarded a ship "Radetzky" and on May 17, forcing its captain to stop at the shore to the Kozlodui. From there, the band led by him, went to Okolchitsa. They say that they walked all the way there without bread and water. Enter into unequal combat, and on June 2, bullet...

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Hristo Botev and grains - Tradition - 02 June 2019

Hristo Botev and grains - Tradition

When I went through his detachment told me a strange legenda. Chuh it from an elderly peasant, scorched by the sun and wrinkled by years party, large eyes and strong hands. In the pocket of his jacket Hristo Botev worn not only notebook with latest notes and plan battles, but a handful of grains. He knew he that shall come to pass his prayer to fall defeated in battle. He knew he clairvoyant that will be revered his memory of this nation of ploughmen, and said: "Where fall - there will sow the seed. Stone to happen - I will grow. Without water it is - my blood soaked them. And they will grow. They will know where I died. " So people learned where he had fallen hero. This tale of Hristo Botev is the fruit of love and gratitude of the Bulgarian people to the heroes.

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First of June - International Children's Day - 01 June 2019

First of June - International Children's Day

Today, almost all countries of the world organize the holiday known as Children's Day or Day of the children. It is a holiday that is associated with the tradition of individual countries is celebrated on different dates in different ways. International Day for the Protection of Children on 1 June in almost all countries of the former socialist camp. Celebration dates back to World Conference on Children's Health, held in 1925 in Geneva (Switzerland). In Bulgaria, this holiday became popular after 1949, when Moscow announced that June 1 is now International Day for the Protection of Children. In a communist holiday is officially called the International Day for the protection of children, though hardly gives political color in celebration. The celebration is preserved after the change...

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