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International Film Festival "Love is Folly" – Varna - 2011 - Culture - 26 August 2013

International Film Festival "Love is Folly" – Varna - 2011 - Culture

Another is opened, devetnaysto edition of Varna Film Festival "Love is madness." 57 titles from nearly 20 countries will be able to see fans of the film in two halls of thetraditional host of the event - the Festival and Congress Centre.  The competition program of the festival is traditionally present 12 films that will be evaluated by an international jury chaired by Ivan Pavlov and the members - young Bulgarian actress Vesela Kazakova and famous Iranian actress Hengelo Ghazi, whotwo years ago won the award for best female role in the movie "just so".          This yearviewers will be able to see her play in the band "without peacocks feathers."         Outside films competition...

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Foiklore Festival In Tryavna - Culture - 25 August 2013

Foiklore Festival In Tryavna - Culture

   Fifth Folklore Festival "Grandfather Nicholas Master" will be held in Tryavna from 26 August to 28 August. Traditional forms of various arts will be presented by artists from across the country. The festival will take instrumental groups and ensembles,vocal groups, dance ensembles, folklore groups and individual performers.    Especially for the festival will arrive in Tryavna famous Bulgarian art critics, folklorists, ethnographers, dancers and actors, politicians and public figures. The location of the council is  kv. Bozhkovtsi.     During the council will gather more than 700 artists of folk art from all over Bulgaria,within three days I will present traditional forms of expression of various arts such asmusic, dance, performance...

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Sofia Contemporary - Culture - 19 April 2013

Sofia Contemporary - Culture

Sofia Contemporary Sofia is the first host city of Sofia Contemporary. The exhibition will tour Europe. Talented artists from China will showcase their works at the International Festival of Contemporary Art in Sofia Sofia Contemporary. Our capital is the first city to host this exhibition, which will tour Europe. The exhibition was launched for the second time in mid-April with the exhibition "New perspectives in Chinese contemporary art." It includes works by artists represent three generations who are representatives of different genres: painting, sculpture, photography, installation and design. The total weight of their exponents is more than a half tone. . And in contact with these fountains of life, various works, the audience will gain a more complete picture of contemporary...

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Bulgarian Folklore - 27 November 2012

Bulgarian Folklore

Bulgarian folk dance heritage is part of the richness of our cultural tradition. Bulgarian folk dances are the manifestation of spiritual culture of our people. They reflect life experiences and feelings of Bulgarians and are inextricably linked with the process of labor, customs, music and songs. Are various types and forms of folk dances, are diverse in style and performance, costumes, musical accompaniment and related folk dance traditions. The study of folklore in its regional variations and diversity allows for a more complete and more accurate time keeping.Bulgaria is a small, but is divided into many music - folk regions. These people have different customs and costumes, speak different dialects, singing different songs play different instruments playing different people. Among the reasons...

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Dobrudja Ethnographic District - Folklore - 25 November 2012

Dobrudja Ethnographic District - Folklore

Dobrudja region lies in northeastern Bulgaria, and the north is bordered by the Danube, on the west northen region, the south Ludogorie (Razgrad) and east of the Black Sea. Dobrudja typical game style body and shoulders - both female and male body is free. Dobroudja dancing crouched or sat. Highlights movements are mainly down to earth, which shows basic styles feature the medieval dance - his relationship with the land. . In Dobrogea great dance take part in the hands of a specific plastic line - pronounced as in the male and the female dances. Popular dances are kerchief, Sborenka, hand Tropanka, Circassian, danets, and other dance.        (function (d, w, c) { (w[c] = w[c] || []).push(function() { try { ...

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