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The unique Bulgarian musician - Theodosius Spasov - Culture - 04 March 2015

The unique Bulgarian musician - Theodosius Spasov - Culture

He is a virtuoso who plays jazz flute and was the first to "wrap" flute folklore in classical music and jazz, making it a tool that is capable of a huge range of emotions, moods and images. Plovdiv in 1989 when He is a student at the Musical Pedagogical Institute, noticed his talent Milcho Leviev. piper calls it the universe, and thus was born one of the most popular nicknames of Theodosius. You met musicians who experiment first in jazz - Veselin Nikolov, Yildiz Ibrahimova Ognyan Videv, Darin Barnev, Veselin Koichev. debut Theodosius Spassov is a small scene in his native Isperih. joined in there of his father - a great singer and old folk songs. around for 15 years Theodosius Spasov and his flute conquer Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada and the USA. Worldwide...

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"Kalin Eagle" - Bulgarian film of 1950 - Culture - 20 January 2015

"Kalin Eagle" - Bulgarian film of 1950 - Culture

  Brief description of the film "Kalin Eagle" is a drama, Bulgarian feature film of 1950. Director Boris Borozanov filmed a screenplay by Orlin Vassilev. Operator Vasil Holiolchev. It is based on the eponymous play by Nikola Ikonomov. The music is composed by Parashkev Hadziev. This film was first established by state funds. It is steeped in pathos, resulting from the new approach to the disclosure of the topics for the portrayal of the characters, the new perception of the authors at the history and contemporary life of people in Bulgaria in the beginning of the fiftieth years of the last century.    Artists Roles in the film meet the following actors: Ivan Dimov - Kalin, Boris Ganchev - Henri de Montalamber Maria Yasnikova - Elizabeth, Peter Lambrinovo...

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Damyan Damyanov - Literature - 18 January 2015

Damyan Damyanov - Literature

     Damyan Damyanov Petrov was born on January 18, 1935 in Sliven. In 1953 graduated from high school in his hometown, and in 1961 graduated Bulgarian Philology at Sofia University. In the sixties working as a literary consultant in in. "People's Youth" and as editor in "Poetry" magazine. "Flame". For the first time published poems in 1949 in the newspaper. "Slivensko case" and later published poetry in the central literary press.      Damyan Damyanov was awarded the title People's figure of culture, Laureate of Dimitrov Prize, and in 1997 was awarded the "Ivan Vazov" for complete literary work. His books of poems are "expectation", "Lyrics" Poem of Happiness "," kneel...

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100 Years Bulgarian Cinema - 17 January 2015

100 Years Bulgarian Cinema

Bulgaria is preparing to mark the 100th anniversary of its national cinema. Official documents say that exactly a century ago, on 13 January 1915, theater director Vasil Gendov presented to the public the first Bulgarian feature film comedy "Balgarant is Gallant". In 2005, at the initiative of the National Centre for Cinematography, it was decided to declare this day as the Day of Bulgarian cinema. However, to this day in the camp of the Bulgarian Film Critics has not abated debate about whether that date is determined. Some newspapers reported that the premiere of the film took place in 1915, and others, citing eyewitnesses claim that in 1910. In addition, there is evidence that the premiere was held on Monday, January 12th. Some experts doubt that the director of the film is precisely...

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Native Pride! Bulgarian Became Director Of The Opera In Germany! - Culture - 02 January 2015

Native Pride! Bulgarian Became Director Of The Opera In Germany! - Culture

Young Bulgarian Yordan Kamdzhalov will be the new artistic director of the General Opera, Philharmonic and Music Festival in Heidelberg. 151 were candidates for the job, but members of the Committee on Culture unanimously stopped by a young man from Targovishte. He was elected general director and principal conductor of the music of the opera, philharmonic Shlosa Festival in Heidelberg in Germany. In 2011, an unprecedented became the first foreigner to win the competition for the General artistic director and chief conductor of the Opera, the Philharmonic and the festival "Heidelberg Schloss Festival" rich cultural center of Heidelberg (Germany), and it is absolutely unanimously elected at the crucial final vote on a special jury all Philharmonic, the whole composition of the opera...

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