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Northen Ethnographic District - Folklore - 24 November 2012

Northen Ethnographic District - Folklore

Northen Ethnographic District lies in the northwestern part of Bulgaria, and the north is bordered by the Danube, on the west by the border with Serbia, south to the northern slopes of the Balkan Mountains and east of the river Iskar. With its beauty, originality and originality Northern dances imported variety in Bulgarian folklore and heritage. They were mostly mixed, with most of these players hold hands and wave them freely and widely. There are dances where the grip is a zone, and meet and those where players are not caught. Typical North Bulgaria 'Lasse' in which dancers are caught in hands short dance number in front or rear grip pattern, as well as a grip belt. Play very easily, with confidence and humor. Dances from North Bulgaria generally wear stylish features of Bulgarian...

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Shoppe Ethnographic District - Folklore - 23 November 2012

Shoppe Ethnographic District - Folklore

Shoppe ethnographic field extends into the western part of Bulgaria, on the west up to the state boundary with Serbia Botevgradsko north to the south pole touches Sofia, Samokov, and Kyustendil Dupnishko and east borders the lower reaches of the river Iskar . Speed and ease impetuous temper and constant humor, spirituality and vitality - these words best describe the substance of Shopp dancing. They are the fastest in the country and impress with their variety, lightness and agility. Shopp danced slightly crouched, often bent slightly forward. As part of the dance moves and accents are designed down to the ground like Shopp fight and trample trampling imaginary opponent down to the ground. In other dance movements and even the accents are directed upward, reflecting a desire to disengage from...

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Thrace Ethnographic District - Folklore - 22 November 2012

Thrace Ethnographic District - Folklore

Thrace region lies in the south of Bulgaria. Thracian dance play their full commitment, thoughtfully and seriously. He performs every move with great skill. The man danced slightly crouched, continuously springy. Thracian dance movements are concentrated mainly in the legs. One of the key features of the Bulgarian stylish dance - directing emphasis in movement down is highlighted in Thracian dance, especially in men, which shows the relationship of the Bulgarians to the ground. To a lesser extent, are the highlights upwards, followed immediately by movements and emphasis directed back down to earth. Hands take a lot more involved in dance from Thrace. They have their specific expression in females and males dancing. Hands of the Thracian women are soft and pliant, with stress-free wrists and...

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One of the most beautiful Bulgarian songs fields wonderful fields of Thrace - Folklore - 21 November 2012

One of the most beautiful Bulgarian songs fields wonderful fields of Thrace - Folklore

One of the most beautiful Bulgarian songs fields wonderful fields of Thrace Boris Mashalov . Some people are blessed with a long and happy life on earth , others go early. But the memory of generations leave few - those who have managed to touch the souls of their loved ones , friends and contemporaries. Centenary of the birth of popular singer Boris Mashalov is one example of artistic immortality. Although this stretch of a century , his life " takes " only 48 years. Of these, 25 are devoted to the song. Today, not many other people had the good fortune to hear him live . But still tells his ability to capture the audience to "catch the soul " listener and take it through the sacrament of talent and tradition . His voice - "color " , beautiful in all registers...

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Rhodope Ethnographic District - Folklore - 20 November 2012

Rhodope Ethnographic District - Folklore

Until recently, ethnographic Rhodope area was seen as part of the Thracian, but because of differences characteristic style was separated from her. Ethnographic Rhodope area extends over the Rhodope Mountains in southern Bulgaria. When there is a lot of work cut rodopchaninat: 'Llosa work! "Everything in it is slow, heavy, calm ... This is his dance - slow, moderate, restrained, relatively simple and with little variety in movement. Variety has only clutch - Shoulder to belt or hands. The movements are fluid and graceful. Performed with a sense of dignity to the sounds of one or more pipes or track Women are restrained always compressed row close to each other. Men play with wider steps, squatting, kneeling. . Even with fast peak power reserve flesh capture and tight body. Rhodope...

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