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Sofia will enjoy Flamenco - Culture - 10 January 2014

Sofia will enjoy Flamenco - Culture

Sofia will enjoy Flamenco. In the New Year's music festival in Sofia visited phenomenal performance Cambio de Tercio the Spanish choreographers Rojas and Rodriguez. He will perform in Hall 1 of National Palace of Culture with incredible energy and magic of flamenco. Spectacular show consists of 10 parts, each of which is a mix of styles based on classical Spanish and flamenco dance. Unique is the sound that issued the shoes of the dancers. He attracted the attention of viewers. Flamenco is a Spanish folk genre, with three elements - song, music and dance. Flamenco dance has a rich history that has evolved in parallel with the cultural development of Spain. Emerged from the population of southern Spain, flamenco music was initially influenced by Greek, Roman, and later by the Indian,...

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New unique exhibition at the National History Museum - Culture - 09 January 2014

New unique exhibition at the National History Museum - Culture

The National History Museum of December 17, 2011 will be a unique archaeological exhibition opened, specially adapted for younger students. This is a different live show that children create and play of Archaeology. The exhibition you can touch the exhibits, to arrange the puzzle and uncover an ancient vessel, like a real archaeologist. The organization it is   the National History Museum for children and their parents.  Young visitors will be able to "find" and "assemble" archaeological court to sit in the workplace of a real archaeologist, arrange layers of an ancient object and 'date' archaeological finds. For their parents, the exhibition offers an opportunity to "archaeologists for a day " and discoveries   the place of...

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International Film Festival In Venice - Awards - Culture - 07 September 2013

International Film Festival In Venice - Awards - Culture

   Alexander Sokurov - winner of the 68 th Venice Film Festival.     The film "Faust" of Russian director Alexander Sokurov was winner of the 68 th Venice Film Festival. The film won the "Golden Lion" because it is "monumental" adaptation of the homonymous work of Goethe. The work was filmed entirely in German by Johannes Tsayler actor in the title role.     Best actor was recognized Maykar Fasbender. The Irish actor of German origin presented with two films in the main competition - "dangerous methods" by director David Cronenberg and "Shame" Steven McQueen.     At first he portray the role of the famous psychoanalyst Carl Jung, and the second acted as a prosperous modern inhabitants...

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Apollonia Festival Of Arts 2011 - Culture - 02 September 2013

Apollonia Festival Of Arts 2011 - Culture

Apollonia - the biggest Bulgarian arts festival occurs in the distant 1984 as an initiative of the traditionally friendly summer vacation in Sozopol musicians, artists,theater, film makers, writers and journalists. Organized and motivated by violinistDimo Dimov - leader of the famous string quartet bearing his name, they formed a small team that overcomes predictable and largely unexpected difficulties. On firstarriving participants immediately impresses something unexpected. Of Apollo for artists care colleagues also artists who take over everything - from the selection and compilation of programs to the smallest domestic problems. Then, from the firstopening, Apollo imposes its style - Festival holiday in late summer, which has scenes and rooms in all the arts are plenty of genres and forms...

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International Film Festival In Venice - Culture - 31 August 2013

International Film Festival In Venice - Culture

Today starts the 68 th International Film Festival in Venice. It will be opened by the world premiere of political drama, directed by George Clooney "Ides." Besides being director of the tape, Clooney is also starring in it.    Thousands of fans and journalists arrived on the island of Lido in Venice to catch a glimpse of their favorite idols and give resonance to the oldest film festival in the world. Besides Clooney among the guests this year are distinguished Colin Firth, Keira Knightley, Matthew McConaughey, Kate Winslet, Matt Damon, Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna's superstar.   "The program shows us what is the support we receive from artists, filmmakers, and this proves that Venice really stands out as the main platform for the creation of...

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