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Vladimir Dimitrov-Master – artist-Art - 24 December 2014

Vladimir Dimitrov-Master – artist-Art

Vladimir Dimitrov-Master is one of the most known Bulgarian artists. One of the brightest representatives of the Movement for native art related to Bulgarian folk izkustvo.Roden is 01.02.1882g. Village Frolosh, Kyustendilsko- family of refugees from Macedonia / come during the Russian -turkish Liberation War 1877- 1878. / In 1889 his family moved to Kyustendil, where Master finishes primary school and junior high. In severe material conditions Vl.Dimitrov finished third junior high school class and takes up different jobs: selling newspapers, apprentice inn, hotel attendant. After 1895 changed several professions, while working as an apprentice painters and clerk in the District Court in Kyustendil, where his talent was spotted by Nicolas Chehlarov. At the initiative of a few lawyers and judges...

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Anna Tomova Sintow - Culture - 20 December 2014

Anna Tomova Sintow - Culture

Great opera diva Anna Tomova -Sintow soprano once again came to Bulgaria to hold master class at the National Music Academy "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov". Students from different classes approved by it, had the rare chance not only to hear in person its guidance, but also to making music alongside the favorite singer of Herbert von Karajan. A lucky ones come to the concert of students of Anna Tomova Sintow hall "Bulgaria", enjoyed her magical voice on his feet the audience in the most prestigious opera houses in the world. Awarded by the Vienna State Opera and the Berlin Staatsoper with the title "Kammersingerin" Anna Tomova Sintow transmit knowledge in the traditional summer master classes in Salzburg. After more than 45 years of scene singer continues to be invited...

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For the love for books - Literature - 01 June 2014

For the love for books - Literature

Children's Book Day is celebrated around the world. Not only because April 2nd is the day that is born fabulous storyteller Hans Christian Andersen. I hope we all know who he is and keep in your home library of his works. The main objective of this global celebration is to inspire and encourage us to read, to draw global attention to children's books. This holiday is dedicated to the inclusion of children's books most of the day to organize competitions in which winners receive a prize books, and meetings with authors of children's popular children's work. International Children's Book Day can be used to create a special relationship, a love of books in children. The best, fastest and most secure way of development of our young children in intelligent people is to teach...

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Veneta Docheva - artist - Art - 01 May 2014

Veneta Docheva - artist - Art

I want to tell you a few words of a young and talented Bulgarian artist. It is Docheva Veneta. Veneta Docheva was born on August 7, 1974. Graduated "Right" at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski". Great influence on her creative development artists have Blago Nikolov and Peter Antonov.Tya still in its fourth decade, and there are a sufficient number of exhibitions in the capital throughout the country and abroad. Her paintings have been in the cultural institutes recognized traditions - these are the French Cultural Centre in Sofia, the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Bratislava gallery "Lick", which is one of the most prestigious in Sofia. Exhibitions of landscapes in Warsaw, Paris, in the Polish city of Szczecin and elsewhere have great success. Her paintings...

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World Stars of the Music Scene in Bulgaria - Art - 2011 - 29 March 2014

World Stars of the Music Scene in Bulgaria - Art -  2011

In 2011 one of the biggest stars of world music scene arrived in the country to meet with his Bulgarian fans. Those were exciting times, because Sofia was one of the stops on their world tour.Those were exciting times that experienced connoisseurs of Bulgarian world music. One of the most popular Belgian group " Vaya Con Dios" came for a concert inBalgariya February 19, as their show was held in Hall 1 of National Palace of Culture.   German cult trio "Alfavil" came to us at Easter concert on April 20 as the second dateof their world tour "On dzhayant Keching trip" started 18 days earlier to participate indistant Singapore.     Nearly nine years later, the Frenchman with Spanish roots Manu Chao, who sings in several...

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