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On Mutafov - Happy Holidays!- Art - 02 February 2019

On Mutafov - Happy Holidays!- Art

Stoyana Konstantinov Mutafov probably funny Bulgarian actress. Her real name Stoyana - Mary, but it is written Stoyanka, decided to keep the artistic nickname. At the time, she believes that "k" name brings good luck. She was born February 2, 1922 in Sofia. He graduated classical philology at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski and the National Theatre School in Sofia. From 1946 to 1949, working in the theater in Prague, and from 1949 to 1956 at the National Theatre. This is one of the founders of the State satirical theater "Aleko Konstantinov", where she worked from 1956 to 1991, and although retired, continues to go on the stage today. Mutafov participated in many Bulgarian films as "specialist in everything," "Favorite 13", "Heat", "The...

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Emil Dimitrov, one of the biggest Bulgarian pop singer - Art - 23 December 2018

Emil Dimitrov, one of the biggest Bulgarian pop singer - Art

On 23 December 1940 in Pleven was born Emil Dimitrov, one of the biggest Bulgarian pop singers. Since little is fond of painting and classical music. As a student begins to write with his accordion and participate in various school plays.Received her first award in 1959 for his performance of "Hungarian Rhapsody" by Franz Liszt, and a year later was admitted to National Theatre Academy, majoring in Acting maystorsvo. On November 17, 1960 and is composed his first concert. With him on stage to express Koseva Maria, Liliana Kisiova, Vidin Daskalov and others.A week later, first sang the song "Harlequin" which in the summer of 1962 won in Poland. This is the first award given to the Bulgarian song so far. His first album - solo LP, released in 1965 which is taken very positively...

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Nevena Kokanova - The First Lady Of Bulgarian Cinema - Art - 03 June 2018

Nevena Kokanova  - The First Lady Of Bulgarian Cinema - Art

She was born on December 12 in 1938. Nevena first steps on stage in Yambol theater when she was 18 years. No special theatrical education, but this did not prevent the camera to capture the audience.Over the years, appeared in over 50 films and her first film role was Emma in the movie "Age of Love" director Yanko Yankov, which appeared in 1957 One of the major roles are Irina's screen adaptation of the novel " Tobacco, "filmed in 1962 by director Nicholas Korabov, passionate Lisa in" The Peach Thief "- in 1964, of Joan in the film Vulchanov Rangel" The Inspector and the Night "(1963), by Anna" Carom"(1966), Neda of" Bias "(1967), Gerda in 'Dear almonds" (1967), think of "The boy goes" (1972) and many others.  Except...

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George Kaloyanchev - Actors - Culture - 13 January 2017

George Kaloyanchev -  Actors - Culture

In memory of George Kaloyanchev - on December 18, 2012, he died We all we mourn! Today, January 13, 2016, George Kaloyanchev, celebrated 92 years! With gratitude and respect for man and the artist! Let us alive and well for years! Georgi Todorov Kaloyanchev (tin) is a Bulgarian actor, born in Burgas on January 13, 1925     After his military service record in the former drama school in Sofia. Among his colleagues in the class of Professor Katia has been Surchadzhiev Zehireva, Costa Tsonev and Katya Dineva. In 1951, Russian director Boris Babochkin (at the time set three plays at the National Theatre) and noticed how the young actor portrays an image in the "Storm" of Ostrovsky with humor and drama. Immediately after completion of the institute, was adopted...

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Bulgaria at the Louvre - Culture - 15 April 2015

Bulgaria at the Louvre - Culture

So far, Bulgaria has done two thematic exhibitions in the Louvre - the Thracian and medieval Bulgarian art in 1973 and in 1980. However, they were palaces Grand Palais and Petit Palais, belonging to the legendary museum but outside its central complex of buildings . Ring of Tsar Kaloyan, Panagyurishte gold treasure ceramic icon of St. Theodore Stratilat part of Bulgarian treasures presented our country the exhibition at the Louvre in 2012. Now this will be the first Bulgarian representation in the central building of the Louvre. Will surely be shown Panagyurishte gold treasure of Preslav golden treasure, which contains jewels of an unknown queen or princess of the tenth century, Nikopol treasure of gold and silver, which is owned by the boyars of XIV century. In Paris will be displayed and...

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