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Gaius Julius Caesar - 09 January 2012

Gaius Julius Caesar

The European Union officially introduced a common currency, euro, with the intent and purpose through it to remove economic borders between nations together. So unite the European continent in general. This was in 2002 but more than 2,000 years ago lived a man who dreamed of e same. This is Julius Caesar - one of the most fascinating political figures in history. Julius Caesar was distinguished by a variety of talents. A great politician, a brilliant military leader, an excellents  speakere  and writer. His book "Commentarii de Bello Gallico", which describes the conquest of Gaul, long considered a literary clasik - most  fascinating and interesting piece of Latin literature. Caesar was brave, energetic and beautiful. Fame is as a masher. His most famous love adventure...

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Vaclav Havel - 19 December 2011

Vaclav Havel

Former Czech president Vaclav Havel has died aged 75, said Monday. Eksprezidentat the Czech Republic is considered a prominent figure in modern political history. Havel is one of the first speakers of Charter 77, a leading figure in the political changes in November 1989, the last president of Czechoslovakia (1989-1992) and first president of the Czech Republic (1993-2003). Author of some twenty plays and a considerable number of essays. In the early 60s his work in the policy increases, it becomes especially active after the outbreak of the Prague Spring. In 1977, his commitment to human rights manifesto Charter 77 brought him worldwide fame as leader of the opposition in Czechoslovakia, and something which led to his arrest. In 1989 "Velvet Revolution" Havel shot at the...

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Cesaria Evora - Barefoot Diva - 17 December 2011

Cesaria Evora - Barefoot Diva

Cesaria Evora was born on April 27, 1941 in Minden - the biggest settlement on the island of Sao Vicente Cape Verde. Republic of Cape Verde is an island nation in the North Atlantic Ocean on the west coast of Africa with an area of 4033 km2 and a population of over 405,000 people.  Cesaria sings Mornay - musical form associated with a deep cultural tradition of the island group of Cape Verde. Mornay is a peculiar blend of African percussion, Portuguese fado, Brazilian and British Mondino sailor songs. Even when very young voice and her beauty attracted attention. But her lucky star rises only when he began his 50 years - then it becomes known to the world. Comes from a musical family. Her uncle was a famous composer of Mornay. Called the "barefoot diva" because they always...

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