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Peter the Great - 09 June 2018

Peter the Great

Today, June 9, we Bulgaria related to the coup in 1923. Some of us know about it more, others less, others - almost nothing, but we can all read history books. On June 9 notes another anniversary - the birth of Peter the Great - Great, king and emperor of Russia, founder of St. Petersburg. Once, more than 20 years, I and my peers could easily (in financial terms) to go to the former Soviet Union, to discuss the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow to enjoy the "Swan Lake" at the Bolshoi Theater, to walk on Arbat. In Leningrad - look at the Hermitage, the Winter Palace and Neva bridges. Today, our children cannot do it. So I suggest to those who are forgotten by me and others who cannot do, a little story and a virtual tour. I hope to be interesting ... Peter the Great Peter the Great...

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The Ancient City Of Machu Picchu - 03 February 2016

The Ancient City Of Machu Picchu

Archaeological monument - Machu Picchu in Peru, was declared the winner of the "Seven New Wonders of the World," July 7, 2007. in Lisbon. The city is considered a mystical place, creating positive energy and impresses with its solidity and strength of their structures. Much has been written about this place, but still Machu Picchu remains a mystery to all great. Machu Picchu in Quechua means "old mountain peak", literally "old elite". In people, it is called "the lost city of the Incas." The city is situated at an altitude of 2400 meters above sea level. It lies 1,000 meters below the city of Cusco. Placed on top of the ridge height of 2057 meters above the valley where the river Urubamba flows. After the defeat of the Inca Empire by the Spanish,...

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Battle of Stalingrad - February 2, 1943 - 02 February 2016

Battle of Stalingrad - February 2, 1943

Defense (17.07 - 11.18.1942) and offensive (11/19/1942 - 02/02/1943), for 200 days, the operations of Soviet troops during World War II. The goal of fighting Soviet troops were defense of Stalingrad and the defeat at Stalingrad in force groupings opponents. As a result of the July 1942 offensive in enemy reaches the bend of the Don. In the Battle of Stalingrad began stubborn defense of Soviet troops on the distant approaches to Stalingrad. Employing numerical superiority, German troops penetrated to the Volga, fierce fighting is waged in the city. In striving at all costs to take Stalingrad, the German High Command in September concentrated in Army Group "South" more than 80 divisions. Faced with extremely stubborn resistance of Soviet troops, the enemy suffered huge losses by mid-November...

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Catherine The Great To The Russian Throne - 01 February 2016

Catherine The Great To The Russian Throne

Entry to the throne Within six months of the reign of Peter III Catherine's relationship with her husband (who appeared openly in society mistress ER Vorontsova) continued to deteriorate, becoming visibly hostile. There was a threat of arrest and possible expulsion. Catherine carefully prepared plot with the support of the Orlov brothers, NI Panina, KG Razumovsky, ER Dashkovoj and others. In the night of June 28, 1762, when the emperor was in Oranienbaum, Kateryna secretly arrived in St. Petersburg and in the barracks Izmailovsky Regiment was proclaimed autocratic empress. Soon the rebels joined by soldiers of other regiments. The news of his accession to the throne of Catherine quickly spread through the city and was enthusiastically greeted by Petersburg. In order to prevent actions...

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Catherine the Great - 01 February 2016

Catherine the Great

Russian Empress (1762-1796); From 1744 - in Russia. Since 1745 the wife of Grand Duke Peter Fedorovich, the future Emperor Peter III, who was dethroned (1762.), Relying on the Guard. He reorganized the Senate, the Legislative Commission secularization zemel.Vozglavlyala 1767-1769 period. When it happened the Peasants' War of 1773-1775. Published institution to manage the province in 1775, Charter to the Nobility 1785 and 1785. Letters Patent cities under Catherine II as a result of Russian-Turkish war of 1768-1774, 1787-1791 Russia permanently entrenched in the Black Sea, were annexed the northern Black Sea, Crimea, Kuban. Adopted by Russian citizenship Eastern Georgia. During the reign of Catherine II implemented sections of the Commonwealth. He corresponded with Voltaire and other leaders...

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