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Ancient villa "Armira" - 09 December 2014

Ancient villa "Armira"

Ancient villa "Armira" - one of the richest Roman villas discovered on Bulgarian territory. As the vast area of the villa (about 1000 square meters), and its structure and decoration show that was created for a person with great features and luxurious. The spacious courtyard was surrounded by colonnades and in the middle there was a pool. Under the floors of the south are passed heating channels. Accommodation and yard were lavishly decorated. Found over 3000 architectural and decorative fragments large parts of the mosaic parts of colonnades, marble railings, wall coverings, frames and window bars, poles with the head of Hermes at the top and others. Because of its decoration villa Armira is extremely valuable treasure. Antique villa was discovered during construction of the...

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Madara Horseman - a historical symbol of the Bulgarian country - 22 November 2014

Madara Horseman - a historical symbol of the Bulgarian country

Madara was the first historical character that they learn Bulgarian children from a very early age. The public knows Madara mostly by the world and Europe's only rock relief - Madara Horseman - a symbol of the young Bulgarian state. The relief of the Madara Horseman carved into the rock, 23 meters from the base, a uniform composition with center horseman fleeing dog, lion and three groups of inscriptions. Rider, life-size, facing right, his posture is solemn. He stabs a copy lying at the feet of the horse lion. The scene is transmitted majestically, without unnecessary drama or burdensome details. It reflects the important historical events and gives a complete picture of the state of early medieval Bulgarian plastic art. The composition of the Madara relief is supplemented by three groups...

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Obradovski monastery "St. Great Martyr Mina" - 11 November 2014

Obradovski monastery "St. Great Martyr Mina"

Obradovski monastery "St. Great Martyr Mina" is located northeast of Sofia Obradovtsi former village , now a quarter of the city. Was built on the south bank of the river Vladayska among flowery meadows . According to a legend told by the locals , the monastery was founded in the late Roman era in these lands. during this time he represented an imposing building with its 40 chapels (some of which were dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul , St. Nicholas, Saints Cosmas and Damian , etc.). many monastic buildings and property . while digging a riverbed Vladayska found foundations of buildings , and later the river has long been worn tiles, stones and bricks. believed to be was a Roman bath near the chapel " St. Nicholas " that used hot mineral spring . Place and is now marsh...

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Transfiguration Monastery - Monasteries - 06 August 2014

Transfiguration Monastery - Monasteries

   The Transfiguration monastery is built in an extremely picturesque place, about 10 km away from the ancient fortress of Tsarevets. It lies at the foot of vertical rocks on the left bank of the Yantra river, down on the way from Veliko Turnovo to Rousse. The yard of the monastery offers a marvellous view to the defile of the river and the opposite rocky hill. Transfiguration monastery was established in the 14th century and is still functioning at present. Unfortunately, none of the original buildings are kept to date – the entire present-day complex was built in the 19th century. The "St Transfiguration” church also dates back to that time. Its construction was started by the Dimitar of Sofia master (later captured and hanged by the Ottomans for his taking...

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The Old Town Of Veliko Tarnovo - 17 July 2013

The Old Town Of Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo. We call it the city of Veliko Tarnovo. This mysterious Bulgarian city was the ancient capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire. Veliko Tarnovo impress any visitor with its unique beauty. It is in the central part of Bulgaria, in the Fore at the foot of the Balkan Mountains. The city, which is the ancient capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire, is situated on the hills Tsarevets Trapezitsa and Mount Athos. These hills, and kept hidden in crucial moments in Bulgarian history are hanging pouring over the Yantra River, winding through the city. And it is impressive with its wide meanders, skewering the city. Unique for its architecture, Veliko Tarnovo carries a truly unique combination of ancient history and the history of Bulgaria and the architecture of a modern city. Veliko Tarnovo...

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