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Monastery "St. Elias" in Teteven - Monasteries - 10 May 2011

Monastery "St. Elias" in Teteven - Monasteries

In the secretive dollars at the foot of Mount Ostrech located Teteven monastery "St. Elias". The monastery was built before the fall of Bulgaria under Ottoman rule. Tradition says that King Shishman donated the monastery wooden cross overlaid with silver and depicts scenes of his gospel. The earliest document in the monastery was in 1600 by priest Basil (lived and worked there). Other sources indicate that the monastery from XIV century. In 1705 scholar Stanyo Tetovene of painted icons in the monastery. It was acting religious school. Have been preserved collections of the XVI century (XVII century), containing prayers, spells, wisdom, teachings and records. In 1799 it Sophronius of Vratsa is twice the protection of Kardzhalimen invasions. In 1801, when Kurdzhalii Teteven burned...

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