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Temple - Shipka Monument - Temples - 27 February 2018

Temple - Shipka Monument - Temples

    Faced majestically near the town of Shipka in the southern foothills of the Balkan Mountains, it is one of the most holy places dear to the Bulgarian people. True pantheon of immortality, preserved the memory of the sacrifice feat of the Russian soldiers and Bulgarian volunteers who died for the liberation of Bulgaria in the Russo-Turkish War (1877-1878).     Among the circle of prominent Russian individuals sympathetic to the Bulgarian liberation cause and took a direct part in the war, the idea to build a memorial for the dead faith of the Bulgarian king and freedom hero. On April 25, 1880 and released the permission of Emperor Alexander II for the establishment of the "Committee for the construction of an Orthodox church at the foot...

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A Treasure In Bulgaria - Evksinograd Palace - Castle By The Sea - 03 September 2017

A Treasure In Bulgaria - Evksinograd Palace - Castle By The Sea

Euxinograd is located 8 km north of Varna. Actually the name of Euxinograd was first "Palace Sandrovo" named in honor of the young prince Alexander - from diminutive name in Italian - Sandro. When Ferdinand arrived in Bulgaria, taking residence for rent by the state expands and improves the economy and then on July 27, 1893 at the request of his wife, Princess Marie Louise, the name was changed from "Sandrovo Palace" to "Evksinograd". It consists of two parts: evkseynos evksinos or - from the ancient Greek name of the Black Sea (Pontos Evksinos), meaning sea and hospitable Bulgarian word city. That translation of Evksinograd can be as hospitable city and town on the Black Sea.     Evskinograd first impression is...

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Ancient Theater in Plovdiv - 29 November 2015

Ancient Theater in Plovdiv

 Ancient Theater in Plovdiv is the most impressive monument of ancient Plovdiv. It situated in the saddle between Taksim and Dzhambaztepe of Three Hills. After lengthy archaeological excavations it was revealed fully in 1977-1978 year. Built at the beginning of the II c. AD. Chr., The time of Emperor Trajan / 98-117 / theater was one of the most important public buildings of Trimontium, remarkable for its architecture and splendor. It was destroyed in the fifth century, when Hun conqueror Attila attacked Philippopolis. Teatronat or places for the spectators are situated in tiers and are divided into two rings of 14 rows each. The theater has a capacity of 7,000 spectators. The names of urban neighborhoods are cut into the benches of each sector and each spectacular knew his place in the...

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Rila Monastery - Monasteries - 22 October 2015

Rila Monastery - Monasteries

The monastery is situated at 1.147 m altitude in the perfumed pine forests of the Rila mountain. The monastery is a complex of cultural, residential and commercial buildings with a total area of 8800 square meters monastery features a unique architecture. Outside, a 24-meter stone walls of the main buildings, which form an irregular pentagon, the monastery has a kind of fortress. So worshiper or tourist who comes inside in one of two iron gates, remains surprised by the softness of architectural shapes: arches and colonnades, covered wooden staircase and carved balconies, behind which are cells - 300-400. In the middle of the cobbled courtyard in a strange symbiosis of live raw loopholes fortress tower and baroque silver domes of the main church. In the middle of the courtyard stands the...

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Perperikon - 15 October 2015


"... When Octavian, father of Augustus led his troops somewhere in remote parts of the Holy Mount of Dionysus, he consulted the oracle of God for his son. He was confirmed by the priests that his son would become master of the world, because once the wine is spilled on the altar, the smoke rose up over the top of the sanctuary until the sky - as a sign that he received himself when Alexander the Great sacrificed on the same altar. " Gaius Suetonius Tranquil  Perperikon is a big sanctuary, which forms one of the oldest and most historically significant archaeological complexes discovered on Bulgarian land. The amount and type of evidence was found proving that this place is located the famous sanctuary of Dionysus. Perperikon is where it was believed to have been exposed...

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