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Blog Lily - Reflections - What I want - 07 December 2015

Blog Lily - Reflections - What I want

I have moments when I want to be alone on the Island. What I want is to no one, nothing .... I am zigzagging ... Of course I want to get away from everything around me. Since personalities of people with no personality of meaningless words of ridiculous events ... But what is this place you want to be? The area of ​​the island has two faces. On the one hand, the island is absolute seclusion and self-sufficiency. Land is not subject to extension, with unchanging boundaries, feeding itself, devouring itself. On the other, the island is the absolute openness - any time is a limit to everything. Pont Road and comes from the same Indo-European root. Latin pons - too. Sea, road, bridge. The bridge is something that connects unrelated and non-contiguous in nature things. The island is a space that,...

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Blog Lily - My Life - They are gone - 07 November 2015

Blog Lily - My Life - They are gone

I'm zigzag friends. Because gone. Mom and dad. They were, they wanted to be alone, were willing to do so, as in his younger years. But age does not allow them. They needed my help. Stubbornly refused be filed dependent on me. With much effort managed to maintain their normal life. They wanted life. Gone. Every day I saw dim before my eyes. And it was terribly painful for me. Simply they fail melted. And they clung to life with even greater desire to stay in it. Gone. In my soul, in my heart, there is one place that is theirs. It will always be empty and empty it their place. But at the same time it is full of love. Love to Mom and Dad. There are only memories. And pictures....  

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Blog Lily - Reflections - One Plane Crash - 01 November 2015

Blog Lily - Reflections - One Plane Crash

I know, I see that many now find themselves in a state of helplessness, confusion, fear and deep animal feeling of absolute helplessness. I do not want to look better than I have - myself at some point it became very scared. And for myself, and for the children - it is impossible not to fly, and it can happen to anyone. Man is so constituted - experiencing because of the tragedy with the other, he always, consciously or not, is at the site of the other himself and his family. Such minutes, hours, days, very difficult experience. But I know that my fear does not help those who died in this terrible plane crash, nor their relatives, neither my family nor myself. Therefore, referring to those who are now sick and generally psychologically difficult, I want to remind banal, but the only...

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Blog Lily - My Stories - The Magic Of Theater - 24 October 2015

Blog Lily - My Stories - The Magic Of Theater

Tonight I was in the National Theatre. I watched, no empathy, no, admiring, no, I left the theater grateful to all of you who were on the scene and made of "Life is beautiful" as a wonderful experience !!! It may not sound pathetic. You - I'm just a number of years and maybe use an old-fashioned dictionary, but, believe me, the emotion I was not old-fashioned, real is nevertheless, despite this text, I left the theater full of optimism, backed up with a certain amount of bitter pessimism / I do not know whether it is just a definition / but inspired by what was happening on the stage of your scene, but on our stage Thank you, Biljana to call for your bright presence in the bright and complex mental tangle of amazing directorial reading of Morfov. I am happy that I was close to...

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Blog Lily -"Zigzag" - 16 October 2015

Blog Lily -"Zigzag"

Hello friends! I call you because the only friends I hope to read what narrated by moments of my life, the life of Lily! I'm Lily. And expect to share opinions, give advice, although late, but good for those who come after us! Advice, recommendations or conclusions about what I'm mistaken. Let me be the starting point for young people, who now gain experience. My wise father once, giving me advice, saying that we should not start from the ground up, and up from the table. He wanted to tell me that I can, using his experience to go from high! Do not repeat its mistakes and to use his experience. But there was no one to listen. I walked into your life forward in the "error - experience." So I lost valuable time, missed his use of almost half a century of experience. However,...

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