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Sofia - The Capital Of Bulgaria - Cities Of Bulgaria - 31 December 2017

Sofia - The Capital Of Bulgaria - Cities Of  Bulgaria

  Sofia (from the Greek σοφία - wisdom) is the capital and largest city of Bulgaria, as well as the 12th largest city in the European Union. Sofia is a city with a population of 1,263,884 people (registered under the current address), which represents 17% of the population. Located in central western Bulgaria, in Sofia valley, surrounded by Mount Vitosha to the south, Lyulin Mountain to the west and north of Stara Planina.The total area was 492 square kilometers, the average altitude of 550 m e. This makes it the fourth highest capital in Europe.                                                          ...

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Tryavna - Attractive Sights - 26 July 2016

Tryavna - Attractive Sights

Tryavna is a reminder of peace and sunshine. And slowness. There is no hurry because there is time for everything. Clock Tower only confirms that my thought. If you need a real vacation, Tryavna is your place. You might as well go alone and not bored any moment. If you look at every day in one of the unique houses, spare a day of museum "icon-painting", a time to sit in front of a cafe waiting to bring you coffee, making sand and looking at the people who enter and exit the small souvenir shops, then at the end of your holiday you will feel full of impressions, colors and images. Tryavna is one of the best places to listen and understand - where is this going inside.     A most enjoyable and impressive to me places in the city gallery "Dimitar Kazakov".         Dimitar...

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Karlovo - Cities in Bulgaria - 18 July 2016

Karlovo - Cities in Bulgaria

The faster we approached the town of Karlovo, the menacing mountains rose above us. Karlovo is located at the foot of the highest part of the mountain, where the highest peak a little and will exceed 3000 meters above sea level. And now, in June, some of the peaks clearly seen snow. Our town affects primarily the culture of its inhabitants. Everything is clean, all dressed almost like a holiday, very elegant and beautiful. In two days we saw only two men walking through the city center in slacks. From the city center, about 15 minutes up the hill - and we were one of the main attractions of the town of Karlovo, 15-meter high waterfall Suchurum.     It is an old river that starts high in the mountains. The river runs through the city and its water ice. The...

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History of Lovech - 11 May 2016

History of Lovech

The city is the successor of the Thracian city of Melta (today's region of Hisarlaka), which is a strategic location on the main road from the Danube-Aegean Sea. During the Middle Ages the town remained an important military center and was called Lovuts (in translation - a town of hunters) and that from the 11th century. During the 12th century it was moved to the right bank of the river Osam, where is the Varosha quarter. After Turnovo Uprising Lovech fortress firmly defend the approaches to the apartments and after 3-month siege, the Byzantine Empire was forced to conclude a peace treaty. Since the end of Byzantine rule it was known by its present name - Lovech. During the 13th and especially the 14th century, it is one of the largest cities and castles in north Bulgaria and enviable...

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Razgrad - Cities in Bulgaria - 28 January 2015

Razgrad - Cities in Bulgaria

In the picturesque valley of the Beli Lom, cutting the city in two busy life flowed back in the ancient Thracians. Evidenced three prehistoric mounds, thirty mounds and archaeological finds in "Hisarlaka" east of Razgrad. Centuries later, on the ruins of a Thracian settlement, the Romans built a fortress Abritus strategic town name was connected with their bloody battle with the Goths in 251, in which the emperor himself died Trayan.Ot time derivative of this ancient civilization are now 835 (4 kg) of gold coins from the V century. This is the largest gold coin treasure in Bulgaria. Possession of local historical museum also Golden Pegasus collective findings from Thracian bronze reliefs and others. Prehistoric settlements and Thracian burial mounds in the vicinity of Razgrad testify...

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