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Osogovo Mountain - The Mountains In Bulgaria - 12 May 2011

Osogovo Mountain - The Mountains In Bulgaria

Osogovo Mountain range is a mountainous system located on the border between the two countries: South-Western Bulgaria and northeastern Macedonia. It is located on the territory of the two municipalities under the names Kriva Palanka and rocking. Also passes through Osogovo two historical and geographical areas: Piyanets and Osogovo. The latter was named after the mountain range. Osogovo extends for 100 kilometers in length, and its width is 50 kilometers. Its total area reaches 1535 square kilometers, of which 1,102 square kilometers belongs to the state of Macedonia. Relief massif Osogovo is long, flat and high mountains, cut by river valleys, craters and volcanic cones. The highest point of the mountain range is located at an altitude of 2251 meters above sea level and is located on the...

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Musala peak - 11 May 2011

Musala peak

Musala peak 2925 meters high, ranks not only in Bulgaria but on the Balkan Peninsula. Higher is only 8 meters from its famous neighbor - Mount Olympus in Greece. Musala peak is situated in the eastern parts of the Rila Mountains, which also took first place in the Balkans, and ranks sixth in Europe in height after the Caucasus, the Alps, Sierra Nevada, the Pyrenees and Mount Etna. Name Musala derived from "Moose Allah" or "the way of Allah," and is given during the Ottoman Empire. The original name of Mount Musala peak is Tangra. Remarkable diversity of flora, including some interesting trees and fauna.    

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Botev Peak - 10 May 2011

Botev Peak

      Botev Peak is the highest point of the Balkan mountain - 2376 m. Tip is within the Central Balkan National Park - one of Europe's largest national parks. From Paradise rocks in this part of the mountain is the highest of all 300 waterfalls in Bulgaria, and the Balkan Peninsula - waterfall (124.5 meters). Collect water from the eternal snow-drift, located on the very peak of Botev. Its territory is a meteorological station and a television tower, with TV and radio signal about 50% of the territory of Bulgaria. By 1950 Botev peak is called Yumrukchal.  

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Vihren peak - 09 May 2011

Vihren peak

Vihren peak is a leader in the Pirin Mountains, located in Southwestern Bulgaria and is part of the Rila-Rhodope massif. Vihren peak is 2914 meters high, ranking second highest in the country, after Musala and third in the Balkans. It is situated between the rivers Struma and Mesta. In the area in which is located Vihren are most lakes formed in the mountains. The only here from the whole country thrives edelweiss flower. Accessible from the valley Bunderitsa. By 1942 Vihren is called Eltepe.          

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Black Peak - 08 May 2011

Black Peak

Black Peak rises like a typical mountain font in the center of Sofia. It is flattened meadow that has shaped incorrectly spilled ellipse. Among her chaotically scattered round stone heaps, collected six groups. The largest and most impressive cliffs in the direction of Reznyovete where the biggest measured peak height - 2290 m Black Peak is surrounded by two stone necklaces peaks. They were formed in ancient times when Vitosha has repeatedly rises to form in its current form. Simultaneously are becoming and collapse of rock cairns from the current peaks.     The first round of the peaks surrounding Black Peak has an altitude above 2000 m other mountain wreath is located below the Black Peak and consists of 15 peaks over 1,500 meters from the Black Peak descend most...

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