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Vitosha - Mountains in Bulgaria - 16 May 2011

Vitosha - Mountains in Bulgaria

The most visited Bulgarian mountain is Vitosha. Because rises above Sofia and is a symbol of the Bulgarian capital. Sofia at the foot of Vitosha. Such natural wealth have very few cities in the world. But even fewer have capitals that have it. The highest peak of Vitosha is 2290 - Black meter peak. With this level all the citizens of Sofia Mountain is fourth highest in Bulgaria. In ancient times the mountain was known under the names Skomios, Skopios, Skombros, which in Greek means "sharp, steep mountain." These names are preserved in the present name of Mt Skoparnik. Name Vitosha appeared during the Middle Ages, for the first time occurs in a document from the eleventh century. There are two versions about its origin: the first is that the...

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Strandja Mountain - Mountains in Bulgaria - 15 May 2011

Strandja Mountain - Mountains in Bulgaria

One blessing is carved on a marble gravestone built into the altar of the Old Catholic Church in Malko Tarnovo and dates from the second century AD "Stranger you who come here, be healthy!"“Strangers, for God's sake do not stop halfway and continue to enjoy the sea of ​​forest", said a Bulgarian writer. The Strandja  Nature is blessed because it combines sea, mountains and the Mediterranean sun. Hidden sense of the ancient inscription is clear - Thrace, inhabited by humans since prehistoric times, according to the beliefs of ancient people gave a strong mind and healthy body. And today, everyone who came to these lands, excited by the wealth of the Strandja nature worship is the monuments of ancient culture, fascinated...

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Belasitca - Mountains In Bulgaria - 14 May 2011

Belasitca -  Mountains In Bulgaria

In the southwestern part of Bulgaria stands a mountain massif, which is composed of five mountains. Two of them are over 2000 meters. These are Osogovoand Belasitsa. The other two mountains are located close to them – Vlahina and Malashevska Mountains. The Fifth Mountain is Fencing Mountain. Four of them are border between Bulgaria and Macedonia, and Belasitsa located in 3 neighboringcountries - Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece. It is part of Osogovo-Belasitsa mountaingroup. Belasitsa Mountain (Greek Kerkini or Beles) is shared as follows: tiritoriyata of...

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Sakar Mountain - Mountains in Bulgaria - 13 May 2011

Sakar Mountain - Mountains in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria there is a small, low mountains. Sakar Mountain is one of them. Sakar Mountain in southeastern Bulgaria is surrounded by four rivers - the Maritsa, Tundzha, Sokolitsa  and Sazliika. Sakar Mountain is domed shape and its highest point is only 856 meters - this is the peak Visegrad. Sakar Mountain is the place where many end angered species live raptors. This makes it important for mountain ecology and protection of Bulgarian flora and fauna. Legends say that for a while here is Voivode lived Indje - Kardzhali legendary leader  which has...

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Ograjden Mountain - Mountains in Bulgaria - 12 May 2011

Ograjden Mountain - Mountains in Bulgaria

Village Gega. It should be our starting point in the circumference of  Ograjden Mountain.The direction of the peaks was Golak, Bilska Chuka and Branded wells. From Brand wells had to go to the southwest along the paths back to the village Gega. Road to Gega is acceptable as long as is possible. Our impression made roadside trees completely stripped down crown - sticking only short remnants of branches. We stopped three grandmothers and ask around why they are so vandal cut the trees. In the beginning we could not understand, but at one point grandmothers cried - Ah, these are "listnitsi." It turned out that the cut branches with the leaves for animal feed. This was probably the first indication what strange sights await us ... We said...

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