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Balkan Mountains - Mountains in Bulgaria - 21 May 2011

Balkan Mountains - Mountains in Bulgaria

Stara Planina, known as the Balkans, is the longest, largest and most Bulgarian mountains. Extends throughout the length of the country from the border with Serbia to the Black Sea, more than 550 km as the crow flies. As ribya bone covers the territory of Bulgaria and it is woven into its frame and the history that has long been synonymous in the fortress of the Bulgarian national spirit. With its highest peak "Botev", which is 2376's feet, she was third place among Bulgarian mountains. Bulgaria divides North and South. Stara Planina is the name associated with the age of our lands. Most are old names Haymon, Haimos, Hemus (of Thracian origin), meaning - or, watershed boundary. Later its individual units receive different names - Silver Mountain...

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Average Forest - Mountains Of Bulgaria - 20 May 2011

Average Forest - Mountains Of  Bulgaria

  In the center of Bulgaria dwellers between Stara Planina, Vitosha, Plana and Thrace Average winds its forest. Beech forests, deep gorges, wide pastures, rounded corners - this is Srednogorie. This is not Bulgarian mountains with alpine charm as the Pirin and Rila mountains, nor the vast mountain ranges of the Rhodope mountains. Average forestattracted by soft mountain shapes with haidouk forest with mountain meadows and romance of its unique past. Average forest crossed by rivers  Topolnitsa and Stryama dismembered, into three parts: Average Ihtimanska forest...

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Rila - The Mountains Of Bulgaria - 19 May 2011

Rila - The Mountains Of Bulgaria

  Rila is the highest mountain not only in Bulgaria and the Balkans. Occupies a prestigious sixth place among mountains in Europe. Before her height are: Caucasus (with Mount Elbrus - 5642 m), Alps (Mont Blanc to - 4807 m) Sierra Nevada (with Mulasen peak - 3482 m), Pyrenees (with Anne Peak - 3404 m) and Mount Etna volcano ( 3340 m). Its highest peak is Musala 2925 m. Rila is the central mountain on the Balkan Peninsula. It is also a major orographic and hydrographic unit in the Balkans. As it enters Mountain as an integral part in the Rila-Rhodope Massif area, occupying its northwestern end. The oldest known name of the mountain is Dounkas given by the Thracians. It means a place with plenty of water. Thracian is another name for the...

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Pirin - The Mountains In Bulgaria - 18 May 2011

Pirin - The Mountains In Bulgaria

In Bulgaria there is a mountain that has the Alpine landscape. This is the Pirin. Many people say that it is the most beautiful mountains. In Bulgaria it is the second highest after the Rila and the Balkan Peninsula is the third - after the highest peak on Mount Olympus, Greece - Mitikas peak which is 2917 meters high for Pirin may be spoken of much. Pirin is located in Southwest Bulgaria with the Rila and Rhodope Mountains form the Rila-Rhodope Massif. This majestic mountain is elongated and is located in the northwest-southeast. Surrounded by the rivers Struma and Mesta. It's really beautiful!     Over the centuries the mountain has been known under various names: Thracian name Orbelus (Orbel), meaning "snowy mountain"....

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Rhodopes - Mountains Of Bulgaria - 17 May 2011

Rhodopes - Mountains Of Bulgaria

Rhodopes. No doubt that this place is magical. The Rhodopes are the most lyrical Bulgarian mountains combining the relief of mild oval forms, colorful "rugs" of nature animated by the architecture of picturesque villages, the hospitality of the people and the legendary songs of Orpheus. Over 83% of the area and the Bulgarian territory, the other part - in Greece. Оccupies the southernmost part of the country and is a major mountain system in the Rila-Rhodope Massif. With its highest peak Neolithic dwellings (2191 m) occupies the 7th place among Bulgarian mountains . Rhodopes no clear-cut relief. А huge maze of hills of varying length, height and direction, separated by deep river valleys.     Mountain has left an imprint on the historical...

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