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Elena - Cities in Bulgaria - 26 June 2011

Elena - Cities in Bulgaria

History is an endless journey back in the past. To do this trip in the city of Helena.Revival of the Balkan town. Cobblestone streets, churches - sanctuaries, beautifulhouses, from which emanates the Bulgarian spirit. We feel the presence of famous national leaders, revolutionaries and poets, talented artists and wall. We find thatBulgarian spirit in every stone laid by the master, in every word said by the teacher and just hitting the eternal clock tower once again return to our time. Legend, came from people mouth more than five centuries, adds a unique beauty ofyouth. Here in pristine old-growth forests is a walkway, which passed a happywedding couple, Elena village girl and the boy Samuel Kupinovo of Tvarditsa.Bandits attacked a wedding where now the town of Elena. Thief did not find...

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Arbanassi - Fortress Of Boliari - Attractive Sights - 25 June 2011

Arbanassi - Fortress Of Boliari - Attractive Sights

   A few kilometers from the ancient capital Turnovo on a rocky plateau high and is located Arbanassi. Yantra runs below and under rocks as a medieval castle stands Petropavlovski monastery. Viewed from afar, Arbanassi more like an ancient city, composed of small individual fortresses, which can be occupied only by force. The houses are large, stone, white with high ceilings and small windows holes with thick oak door studded with iron pools. Inaccessible behind the walls extend green gardens filled with coolness and soft silence. Here the fresh winds blow lightly, one enjoying the many and varied flowers zaplamteli in the last rays of the setting behind the hills of Tarnovo sun, enjoying the bright blue is flowing above the village. In cool houses, shaded by long, protruding...

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Zheravna - Architectural Reserve - Attractive Sights - 24 June 2011

Zheravna - Architectural Reserve - Attractive Sights

Zheravna is a small village architectural reserve situated in the Eastern Balkan Mountains. There are more than 200 wooden houses built before and during the Renaissance. Some of them are much older than the United States ... Here time has stopped. You will not see hurrying to work or anywhere people. Life flows with characteristic quiet mountain villages. Now the village has 330 houses and less than 500 inhabitants. Middle part (the square in front of City Hall) is at an altitude of 640 meters. The highest peak in the land of Zheravna is "Ralitsa" - 1128 meters. The name of the village is of Greek origin. Creek that flows through the village and it divides into two, called "Zervona" (Left) and from there Zheravna. There is another suggestion for the name of the village....

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Rock pyramids in Bulgaria - 23 June 2011

Rock pyramids in Bulgaria

Bizarre rock formations that have fascinated humans since the dawn of human civilization, have that wonderful meeting in the Bulgarian lands. If you walk through some lesser known places in Bulgaria you will find an interesting phenomenon. Rock formations resembling pyramids, which are extremely beautiful and fun speaking can save going to Egypt. The difference is that they are masterpieces of human civilization and the natural beauty fenomeni.Veche gaining popularity among tourists and Stob pyramids. Melnik are pale and reach up to a hundred meters. The two mountains that are home to these natural wonders are Pirin and Rila. Yellow-brown range, sometimes Diversification of burgundy as the locals gives unique beauty of groups piramidoobrazni rocks when the sun sets and the moon rises. Legends...

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Mountains in Bulgaria - 22 May 2011

Mountains in Bulgaria

It can safely be asserted that Bulgaria is a mountainous country. Almost half of its territory is occupied by mountains, which vary in size, nature, origin and height. They are part of the Alpine-Himalayan mountains that span multiple of two continents - Europe and Asia. Bulgaria is extremely diverse mountains. If they lack anything, it just "space" altitudes and snow and ledove. No whether large or small, good thing is that they are all available throughout the year. Geographical science indicates the 37 mountains in the territory of Balgariya. Almost all are in Southern Bulgaria. Stara Planina is the border between North and South Bulgaria. It Stara Planina, the longest and largest in area, known as the mountain has given its name to our Balkan...

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